Friday, April 21, 2017


  Welcome to Friday sorry I am late , but today we are going to review the second book in the WITCHES BREW series . by N.L Hoffmann .Let me introduce you to CATCHING HELL DEMON UNCOVERED

                         BOOK BLURB

Faster than she can blink, Sophie’s life turns into a chaotic mess. Unbeknownst to her, her lover, Drake, is married. On top of that, a Demon is trying to drain his powers, and a rogue Witch just might have exposed the entire community. Nobody said being the Head Mistress was easy.

Ethan is a troublesome Mage who has been tasked with aiding Sophie in thwarting the catastrophic events facing the magical community. However, working alongside Ethan might just be her biggest challenge of all.

Sophie and Ethan race against the clock, encountering multiple challenges that not only threaten the success of the mission, but the magic that has brought them together.

As the duo attempts the impossible, they dive head first into the trouble that lay ahead. Will they be able to save the Witch community before it’s too late? Can Drake be saved, or is he too far gone?
                         MY REVIEW
This is the second book in the series and it just keeps getting better and better . When we start this book poor Sophie's life is turned upside down . She is leading the witches and her life with the man of her dreams is in turmoil right now . Drake forgot to mention to her that he was married and there is an demon trying to take over his power. Enter Ethan a sexy but pain in the butt Mage that is summoned to help her out . Will they be able to hold off their desires and help Drake out or will they end up dead or pregnant .
   If you love witches, vampires and all sorts of mystical beings . This is the series for you .  The characters have a way of getting into your heart . Sophie is such a great character , she was quirky and sweet. But don't piss her off cause she can kick ass when backed into a corner. She is just like your best friend and you know you want to be her friend .  Ethan is just sexy as sin . He is the guy you want to drop your panties for in this book. You really don't know what side he is on. The mage is very mysterious . Drake is still tall dark and deadly but there is an difference about him . He is becoming more and more evil as you read. You will love to hate him trust me .
    The book moves along at a fast pace , you will get sucked in and once you start you wont put it down until you are done. I read this book in a day  cause I love these characters . The story is quirky but also has some mystery to it . The author takes us on a fun filled journey. There are moments of OMG  and places where you will laugh out loud . Then there are parts that will make you swoon and fan yourself . I strongly suggest that you read the first book in the series to get acquainted to the characters and if you do dive right into book two . You will not be disappointed .  

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