Thursday, October 17, 2019


 Today I have the second book in the NuLife series GANGLAND  by Hp Mallory

                           BOOK BLURB 

New York Times Bestselling Author, HP Mallory, brings you the NuLife Virtual Reality Romance Series which will appeal to fans of West World!

Alaskan detective, Claire Darrow, found herself thrown into a case that defied explanation…

When widow, Florence Tautenbaum, approached Claire with suspicions regarding her husband’s death, Claire never imagined where this case would take her—into the virtual reality gaming world sponsored by the NuLife Corporation.

Now that Claire’s companion from her first trip into the VR world of Valhalla has been found dead, Claire is doubly intent on figuring out whodunit. Not to mention her sexy boss and captain isn’t exactly the patient type.

But the clues remain ever hidden and those Claire does come across are puzzling, to say the least. Searching for answers to numerous questions, Claire finds herself drawn into the gaming world yet again.

This time, Claire enters the virtual world of Gangland where she’ll be served up a reality of flappers, model Ts, lavish parties and crime bosses.

And there just might be a familiar face that sets Claire’s heart aflutter even as she tries to force her feelings into submission, reminding herself that nothing in the virtual world is real…

Or is it?

                          MY REVIEW 
   When detective Claire Darrow is approached by Florence Tautenbaum to find out what happened to her husband she entered the virtual gaming world of NuLife . So when her friend and partner that went with her on that first trip is found dead . She is headed back to NuLIfe to find out what is going on . This time in Gangland the world of flappers . model T ,lavish parties and the crime bosses of the 20's .  Will she be able to find out who is behind the murders and will the mystery man that sets her heart a flutter while she hides those feelings . She has to keep reminding herself that nothing is real in this virtual world .

    The author creates such interesting and complex characters . They are well written and you will fall in love with them .  There are some interesting characters , Claire is the main character and she is tough and vulnerable at the same time . You really see her work hard to get to the bottom of what is happening. I think though my favourite character in this book is Bea, she is funny and mysterious at the same time . There are a vast amount of characters in this book it so hard to pick my favourite . They are all lovable and some you want to slap upside the head a few times to get their attention.

   This series is starting to become of my favourite series . The author has taken a lot of time to craft a world in the gaming community  that you will want to play in. The characters are well written and the story moves at a fast pace . There are so many twists and turns that will have you up well into the night . I stayed up turning pages well into the night . I laughed and i did have a tear or two run down my cheeks . Also there are some steamy parts that could melt your kindle . There are no slow parts in this book . You will get caught up by the second chapter. I strongly suggest you read the first book so you can get acquainted with the characters and what Nu Life is all about, I strongly suggest that you add this series to your winter reading list . 

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