Friday, October 4, 2019


  Good day all , sorry I have been missing for awhile , between migraines and snow cutting out the internet . Its been one heck of a week . So I got a lot of reading done and I am happy to share with you Linda Bloodworth's new book , its the second book in her series A Raven's Wing . So here is book two A RAVEN'S REVENGE .

                            BOOK BLURB 

***WARNING: This book contains violence and sexual situations. Not recommended for those under 18. ***

Hell hath no fury like an angel scorned. Justice St. Michaels is on a mission from God to avenge her parents' death, even if it means hunting Seliki to the depths of Hell. Justice and her powerful friends won't back down until His will is done. Can an angel, witch, vampire and elf take on Hell and come out alive?

                     MY REVIEW 
    Welcome to hell , Justice is on a mission and is on her way to hell with her best friends and her vampire boyfriend . They are after the Seliki that took her parents lives and is threatening the lives of her friends . Can they enter hell and come back out alive . 

   In book two we see the characters growing and getting stronger . They are very well written and complex .  Justice is put through so much in this book but with each and every trial she is put through we see her grow and become stronger . She becomes a force to be reckoned with. Moria well she is one tough cookie , she is one strong little witch  and is there to fight with Justice till the end , even if it might kill her. She goes through so much in this book . Not going to tell you what happens but it is pretty devastating , Darien well he is caught between a rock and a seliki . His love for Justice just might end up getting himself killed . He love is true and he has grown so much in this book .  Now lets talk Tom our resident elf . This poor boy has gone through so much , but he is tough and will hopefully come back to everyone . He is strong and courageous and so in love with Moira . They are such a sweet couple . You just want to hug all these characters and tell them that everything will be ok . 

  I will say this I have been waiting for this book for as long as i can remember.   This book goes darker then the first book . The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride .  The characters are well written and you see them become more and more complex with each page that you read. Yes I know we are heading into hell in this book and the author explains her version of hell with a great detail . I was hooked by the end of chapter one .  There is some sexual content in this book and some violence that aren't good for anyone under the age of eighteen.  The stories are compelling and once you finish the first book you will want to dive right into this book . So if you want a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you fall in love with the sweet characters . This is the series for you . Check them out and add them to your fall / winter reading list . 

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