Tuesday, October 29, 2019


  Good Tuesday all , how is the weather where you are its snowing and cold here in my part of the world . A great day to curl up with a good book and a nice cup of tea. Today's book is SWEET INSPIRATIONS  by Dean Hodel.

                           BOOK BLURB 

He’s supposed to keep her at arm’s length.
But somehow arm’s length just isn’t close enough.

Elizabeth Butler has seen the lowest times imaginable.
Now, she’s done feeling sorry for herself, and with a fresh reason for living, she’s ready to start over.

Henry Jenkins is back in town to turn his life around.
His ex-wife is happily remarried and Henry thinks it might be time for him to be happy again too.

When Elizabeth shows up with an easy offer and a tempting smile, Henry can’t believe his good luck.
But when she needs something he’s afraid to give, things on the Jenkins’ farm will start heating up.
Will distrust and fear keep them from love?

                       MY REVIEW
    Welcome back to Spring Blossoms the small town where the bad boys come back to make good and women who need a second chance at love a chance to live again . 
Lets me introduce you to Elizabeth who has come to town for a second chance at getting her life back on track and get her dog rescue up and running .  Henry is back to get his life turned around and find some happiness . When they meet over a misunderstanding starts a friendship and should I say the start of a love story that could be the one thing they both need . Will the hurts of their past come back to haunt them and keep them from finding the love that they both deserve . 

   The characters in this novella are well written . You really just want to wrap them up in a warm blanket and hug them both and tell them that everything will work out for them . Elizabeth is a sweet and feisty woman who has seen her share of sorrows . She is starting a dog rescue for older unwanted dogs . She is dedicated to her dogs , but she is also hiding some things from Henry and in a small town she realizes that things can't stay hidden for long . Henry has grown up on the wrong side of the tracks and he left to make something of himself . When he comes back you see a solid guy who wants to make amends he does screw up a lot but he does try to fix it a lot of the times . People are kind of indifferent to him sometimes and he just keeps on working on his ranch along side Elizabeth that is setting up her dog rescue up there . They do grow up in this story and you see them finally realize that they are better together then apart .

   This is a sweet story that will take you back to  small town values and see that there are many people that love you even when you are being a idiot .  I will say that at the beginning of the story I really didn't like Elizabeth she just seemed so naïve but she grew on me and when I got into her head she came off as being feisty . The author kept us guessing if they would or wouldn't get together . I really liked this series and the author can weave a tale of small town life . There were a few things that could of been corrected with some more editing .  Over all I enjoyed this story and its a great story for a snowy winter night with a glass of wine .

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