Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Happy Release day to Aleatha Romig and her new book in in the Indulgence series . Lets check out UNFORGETTABLE  book 3 .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Working for a therapist who specializes in exploring hidden desires sounds like a dream job. It is if hearing other people’s fantasies and discoveries is your cup of tea. The problem is that I’m tired of hearing about them. I want more. I want to experience them.
What harm will it do if I indulge just one time?
That’s where Lace and Leather comes in.
A falsified referral and I’m in the door.
One visit is all I want.

Sometimes plans change. Sometimes life throws curves. Sometimes we must force ourselves to move forward and take life a day at a time.
I did all that.
Now I want more.
I want to remember what it is like to do more than exist, what it’s like to live. I want to learn if the desires I once possessed still exist. I’m not looking for anyone to replace my wife or the mother of my daughter. I only want to see if I’m still the man I was.
That’s why I decide to return to a place where that discovery is possible, Lace and Leather.
One visit is all I want.

From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes another of her steamy novellas exploring hidden desires. UNFORGETTABLE is a stand-alone story in the INDULGENCE series.
*Warning: reading may set your e-reader on fire while bringing a smile to your face.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Welcome back to the couch , where you can bring out your desires safely and honestly . Marj has been working for Dr. Kizer as her receptionist for awhile . When she typing out the notes and listening to other peoples desires and fantasies .  She wants more she wants to experience her own fantasies and find her own desires . Thats where Leather and Lace comes in and the man who will ignite the passion within her . Will they be able to come to terms with the reality of their hidden desires . 

    I think that Marj and Lucas are my favourite couple . Marj is a sweet woman who is hiding some desires that she wants to figure out . At first you see her as a naive and scared but as you watch her she really grows and becomes the woman that she wants to be and needs to be . I truly liked her and had a few giggles when i started reading . Lucas has been through so much . He has been hiding  his true self ever since his wife died . He is strong and sexy but there is something sad about him . When he gets to leather and lace you see him become a strong and oh so sexy man. They are such a great couple and you will fall for them . 

   All i can say is OH MY GOD this is one hot sexy read . The author takes us on a wild ride in this book . You get to see two lonely people come together and realize that they needed what the other is giving . Don't get me wrong they do have a little hiccup along the way to the couch . The characters are so well written and complex . You will love Marj and Lucas will melt you kindle when he is all dominant and demanding .  I read this book in an evening and loved every second of the reading . This can be read as a stand alone but I suggest you read all three books in the series for some great and naughty times . 

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