Monday, October 28, 2019


Welcome to Monday , today I have a sexy little novella from Jolanthe  Alexsander . BREATHE ME TO LIFE .

                          BOOK BLURB 

Ailsa was biding her time when the call of the music floating on the wings of the night’s wind led her to a moonlit glen and another world.

Kellan, Prince of the Fae Court, was tired and bored with things as they were until a young woman not only sparked his interest but his desire to finally claim a mate.

Two souls find in each other a connection unlike any other.

A chance encounter brought them together. A dream created a bond. Will the jealousy of one who was scorned tear them apart? Or will love’s kiss breathe life into a sleeping beauty?

                     MY REVIEW 
    When Alisa hears the call of the music that is so pretty and alluring . She is taken to a place another world with a moonlit glen . Kellan finds her and something sparks between them and his desire to take her as his mate . Their connection is so intense that even in dreams their bond builds and intensifies . Kellan knows he must keep her safe  because there is one out there that wants to destroy what they have . 

   The characters in this novella are written well . Kellan the prince of the Fae court is a sexy and he is bored with the life in the fae court . He can sweet talk you and also protect you at the same time . He can melt your kindle with a smile .  Alisa has been through so much . She is sweet and a little naïve . She has lived in foster care her whole life . As you get into her character you find out she is one feisty woman who won't put up with anyone coming between her and what she wants . I liked them as individual characters and together they are super hot . 

   This is a sweet sexy novella . I became fond of the characters and the story line . Just had a couple of issues with it the author never did explain why Kellan was gone for seven years .There are twists and turns that brings them together and keeps them together even through a death like state .  This book to me is like a twisted retelling of sleeping beauty . So if you want a sexy sweet story full of love and sexiness this is the novella for you , 

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