Sunday, October 27, 2019


  Well it is Sunday wow where did the weekend go . Today I have another new author to me and her book MY LIFE AS NOAH by Victoria Anders .

                             BOOK BLURB 

Drink me, the platinum liquid calls.

And I give in.
Time and time again.

To forget about her.
The golden-haired goddess
who has overtaken every bit of my being.
She invades every ounce of my soul.

It's more than just a little crush.
Fate binds me to her in an unbreakable curse.
As I meander through the eleventh grade, she'sthere at every turn.

I just want to forget her.
But I can't.
No one seems to be able to take her off my mind.

Will I ever have the courage to talk to her,  or will I hide behind the alcohol
and follow in the footsteps of my mother?

If I do ever find myself in front of her,
ready to begin this fateful journey,
will I even by worthy?

My name is Noah,
and this is my life.

My Life is Noah is a prequel novella in the My Life Series, stories with interconnecting characters full of roller coaster rides, snark with a touch of humor, and heart-pounding moments. This book ends with a cliffhanger but continues from another point of view in My Life as Marlee. If cliffhangers aren't your thing, read My Life as Marlee first, then come back to this prequel.

* * *

If you love moments of teenage angst and swoon-worthy romance, then take a ride with this book and others in the My Life Series by Victoria Anders. My Life as Kelsey and My Life as Marlee are also available. More books to come in the My Life Series in 2020.

                      MY REVIEW
    Welcome back to high school where teenage angst is on the rise . Meet Noah and his friends , they all seem to be well to do and have a good life . Until the day Marlee walks into the picture a girl in the line up who captivates the heart of Noah but he doesn't do anything about it and drowns his worries in alcohol .  As the school year progresses we see them love , loose and try to be happy . 

    The characters in this novella are well written . Noah is the main character and he really comes off as a brooding musician who really doesnt have a mission in life . You see him really dive into the depths of alcohol to get through the day . There are a few moments in the book you just want to shake him and tell him to grow up and quit drinking . He does do a turn about towards the end of the book which you will cheer for and be happy about.  His best friend Connor is a bit of a cad and a ladies man . He so doesn't want a relationship but wants to have fun . Stella is his best friend and confidante who loves the same things that Noah liks , music and song writing . Together they go through the ups and downs of high school.

    This is an interesting book to read , it is a short novella that connects all the characters from the first book . The author takes us on a snarky roller coaster ride of emotions . There are some serious undertones , alcoholism is one of the taboo subjects that the author tackles with some humor and some tears .  The story is tight and the characters are well written. There is all the teen age angst from their first crushes to hard hitting issues . Which the author writes with such a fondness . The only thing that stopped me from giving it a five star was the fact that the cliff hanger just stopped mid sentence and you are left wondering . Over all i did enjoy the story and the characters . It really reminded me of high school in some ways . I would let my teen ager read this book and talk about . So if you want a good book for your teen for this winter check it out

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