Friday, December 11, 2020


   Good Friday all , its the weekend. Today I have book 2 in the Progenitor series by Matthew Cox . Lets check out OUT OF MIND 

                              BOOK BLURB

  Sima Nuvari never expected to see her seventeenth birthday.

Outcasts seldom live long once they’re too old to look like innocent children. Survival requires hard choices: crime, gangs, prostitution, drugs, or worse. Sima got lucky—they kicked her off the planet.
Gangs won’t kill her anymore, but a giant, venomous cat might eat her.
She couldn’t believe anyone truly wanted to help her, but her harrowing arrival in a damaged escape pod chipped away at her armored psyche. Eight months after finding the colony, she’s made the worst mistake an Outcast can: becoming emotionally attached to another person. A new family offers her a good chance at life. Too good, in fact.
It’s probably all just a simulation. Fate would never allow her to be happy.
As if she needed more to keep her up at night than the planet Mirage possibly being an illusion, it seems not every colonist is happy. Someone out there is angry enough to kill… and somehow, Sima has gotten in the way of their plans.

                          MY REVIEW
  When Sima found by the colony she is scared and not wanting help but they are there to help. She made the mistake of starting to care for the people that are her family .They are offering her a chance at a good life in some cases too good of a life . There is more to this planet then meets the eye. It all could be a simulation cause no one would want her to be happy . There is someone that is not happy and is angry enough to kill and Sima is the person they are after . Will Sima be able to have her happily ever after 

  Sima is a seventeen year old girl who has had a bad past but when she lands on Mirage . She ends up becoming a hero after she saves a couple of her friends . She kind of shies away from all the hero stuff and wants to become just a girl going to school. She is strong and resilient . She just wants to be happy but things just don't add up . You watch her become strong and fearless. She can kick butt . There are so many great characters that help and hinder Sima . 

 This author weaves a whole universe when he writes his stories . When you read you are transported to another time and place .  The characters are so well written and complex . The story is very involved .  There is intrigue and just a little bit of romance that goes on in this book . You will be on the edge of your seat most of the way through this book . This is the second book in the series but you can read it as a stand alone but to get to know the characters more i suggest you read book one . So if you want a great read for your winter nights check it out 

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