Thursday, December 10, 2020


  Good afternoon all today I have a new book for you from our resident zombie writer Mike Evans and his new series VACATION FROM HELL ( An Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Series )

                            BOOK BLURB 

   A bad day off is better than a good day at work. At least that's what Seth thought until his dream vacation of visiting a civil war battleground came to life. Unfortunately, the dead soldiers that had been lying in peace had a hundred-year hunger to feed. Follow Seth and his family to see if they can escape the dead.

                        MY REVIEW 

  Well all Seth wanted was a great vacation with his family . Until the moment they went to a Civil War battleground . That is when for lack of a better word all hell breaks loose . They start coming back to life and they are hungry , I mean really hungry . All they want is brains and they are coming for anyone on the battle field . Now Seth and his family have to trust Earl to help get them out and someplace safe before the world is destroyed . 

  The characters are well written and when you see them you will be thinking yep that is my family on vacation . Seth is a father who just wants to have a good time but his family well they are your typical family who doesn't want to do anything on holiday .  We see them start off as your typical family with problems but once they are fighting for their lives you see them start to become more complex and they become a team that will fight together 

  This is a new series for the author and I really enjoy his zombie books . This is no exception you get to see how people react to unforeseen things that can happen when people are pushed to their breaking point . The only thing that had me not giving it a five stars I just felt at the beginning it kind of dragged a bit but once you meet the zombies the action really picks up and has you on the edge of your seat . Over all I truly enjoyed this book so if you want a good zombie book for your winter reading list check it out .  

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