Monday, December 7, 2020


  Good afternoon all today I have a brand new Christmas book for you by Marianne Morea . A LITTLE MISTLETOE AND MAGIC . Its only out for Christmas 

                             BOOK BLURB 


                                  ♥ Just when you thought fate was done with you ♥

Done with grieving the loss of her family, Jenny Mitchell is looking for a fresh start. Life as she knew it is over, but what waits for her in the town of Whisper Falls is more than just quaint charm and an Inn no one wanted. Her near death experience awakens senses she didn't know she possessed. Senses that both scare and fascinate her, especially when they bring her face to face with a sexy, supernatural truth that spells more than just second chance romance. Sparks fly under the mistletoe, and there's no escaping the magic of the season, or the cougar shifter destined to help her through the darkness and mend her broken heart, in this modern twist on a holiday classic.  

                         MY REVIEW 
   After a terrible accident and the loss of her husband and daughters . Jenny Mitchell is ready for a new start . What waits for her in Whispering Falls is something Jenny doesn't know if she can handle it . After her near death experience she is able to feel things and see things . Now with the sexy new handy man that has invaded her space , a new best friend that is more then she seems . Will Jenny be able to forgive herself or will all be lost on Christmas eve . Will her past destroy her future . 

  This story has a Christmas Carol vibe to it . The characters are well written and you will love them. Jenny is a woman who has been hurt and is grieving for 3 years , you really just want to hug her but like all things in a good heroine she is stronger then she seems. She is a fighter but sometimes she is confused on what and who she is fighting for . Jack well he is the handy man and boy what a handyman he is . He is tall, dark and oh so handsome and very in tuned with Jenny .  He is also hiding a secret but its a good secret that helps save Jenny in the end .  Tess is a sweetheart and you will love her once you meet her . She is like a breath of fresh air and also she is more then she seems . These characters are so much fun to read and you will love them oh and then there is kitto and you will meet him at Whispering Falls . 

 This story is a like a modern retelling of a Christmas Carol, the author put a fun new twist and also a paranormal twist . The characters are well written and complex . You will be laughing and maybe shed a tear or two as you read through out .The author also puts some native traditions that will have you reading faster. This is a fun fast Christmas read that you can read in an evening with a nice glass of wine . You will love the characters and the story is a fun read . I truly like this author's way of writing she takes us on a fun filled ride . This story is only here for Christmas so if you want it , get it before its gone . You will not be disappointed . 

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