Monday, December 14, 2020


   Good afternoon all , sorry I am late but was doing some last minute Christmas prepping . Today I have the new book by one of the funniest writers out there . FASHIONABLY DEAD AND LOVING IT ( book fourteen in the Hot Damned Series ) by Robyn Peterman, 

                             BOOK BLURB 

   Being an undead Princess comes with baggage. And unfortunately, it’s not Prada.

Getting shredded in the Daily Fang, The Bloody Times and The National Dhampir is par for the course in the life of a royal Vampyre—especially mine. However, that’s nothing compared to the sh%tshow unfolding in my life. 

My nightmares are coming true. 

Satan is throwing fits about changing diapers 

.The Baby Demons are full of cryptic messages. 

Martha and Jane have a sphincter obsession. 

There’s a half-naked Demon in my closet with a mouth as foul as mine. 

On top of all that, we’re hosting Demon-hating royal houseguests.

Oh, and did I mention the Vampyre-eating-Zombies on the west coast? 

With Ethan by my side, along with new friends and a few well-hidden enemies, it’s time to adjust my crown, put a few Vampyres in their place, and kick some Zombie butt. 

I’m dead.

Life is still good.

I have unconditional love. 

And on most days, when I’m not covered in Zombie guts, I’m wildly fashionable. 

                        MY REVIEW 

  Its all starting with the weirdest nightmare that Astrid has ever had . With everything from Ethan and Satan making googly eyes at each other to the Vampyres that hate her . Mother nature swinging from the rafters and her butt being glued to the throne. What is a vampyre princess to do but figure out who is turning people into zombies and make nice with the demon in her closet and Ethan's family . She straightens her tiara and kicks some butt that is what she does . 

  Omg Astrid and the gang are back and honestly funnier then ever. Poor Astrid just wants to survive the weekend visit from all the snooty vampyres . She finds her inner princess in this installment and man the hilarity that ensues . She also has to handle Satan and his meltdown over his daddy duties which i will admit I nearly fell off the couch reading these two . Satan is just hilarious and still so self absorbed you will get a kick out of him . We also get to meet two new characters in Levi and Anastasia . Anastasia is Ethan's sister and has a wicked sense of humor . She is like the sister Astrid needs and wants . They are hilarious together.  Then there is Levi who is Astrid's brother or as what Satan says . He is brooding and well he is sexy as sin also. He doesn't want to be anywhere near Astrid but they are forced to be together and they have to work together to get to the bottom of the zombies . 

  This is the fourteenth book in the series and it seems just as fresh as the first book . The author has a way of writing that will have you snorting with glee . The characters are well written and you will love them all . The story is a fun fast read that will have you laughing all night . I love how the universe keeps growing with each and every new character added . The two new characters Levi and Anastasia better get their own book cause you know they will be fighting right up till the end . This would be a great story to read and relax after all your Christmas shopping is done . So check it out and check out the series . You will not be disappointed 

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