Thursday, November 18, 2021


  Good afternoon my peeps , today I have a sweet book for all you small town romance lovers out there. 

PROMISE KEPT  (Harland Creek series book one ) by Jodi Allen Brice 

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  Lying on her job application wasn’t the best way to kick off her fresh start in a small town, but Heather Smith is out of options. She desperately needs the job, or she will soon be without a place to live. Even so, Heather truly likes Elizabeth Harland, the old woman who hired her as her caregiver, and is eager to work hard and prove she’s right for the task.

Now, if she could just figure out why a local farmer keeps casting suspicious glares her way...

Sure, Grayson McCade has his hands full with his farm. That doesn’t change the fact that he considers the residents of Harland Creek family, and he takes time to look out for them all. The second he learns a newcomer has been hired to care for Elizabeth, he worries the kind-hearted old woman is being scammed.

Acting on what he believes to be the best of intentions, he sets out to uncover the truth about Heather’s past. Will the secrets revealed tarnish Heather’s new start before it even begins? Or will Grayson help make Harland Creek the home her heart longs for?

                      MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to Harland Creek, Heather has come to start a new job and a new life . She is going to take care of Elizabeth a sweet woman who also grows the best flowers on her farm . Grayson McCade is the farmer next door and the man who thinks the residents of the town as family . So when Heather comes to town he starts to think the worst and will do anything to find out her past but there is more and will he will be able to heal the hurt and make Harland Creek her home . 
 Oh these characters in this book are so sweet . I truly like Grayson and Heather . Heather has had such a hard life in the foster system so she is still a little naive and shy around people . But like all good heroines she is tougher then she seems and so wants to fit in somewhere . Elizabeth and Agnes these ladies are a hoot . They are old and wiley , they will tell you to your face what is going on and how it is going to happen. They are always getting into everyone's business and trying to fix everyone up . Then there is Grayson he is an all around good guy who wants to help everyone out . He is the guy everyone goes to for help . He is sweet but there is also a sadness to him which we do find endearing through out the book . There are moments you do want to slap him upside the head a few times because he is being block headed . They are such fun characters that you get to know and start to love . 
 This is one of those books that will put you in a good mood . It is about small town life and the love that can happen before you know it.  The author writes such a sweet romance with a hint of a mystery inside the story. This is the first book I have read by this author . I really love her style of writing and the fact that it is such a heart warming book . It shows that two people that have had very different pasts can come together and fall in love. So if you want a sweet series to read check out Harland Creek  and the woman that will steal your heart. A great read for the long winter nights

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