Thursday, November 4, 2021


  Good Thursday my lovelies ,its Thursday or as I like to call it Friday eve. Today I have the last book in the Beckmeyer series by Bree Kraemer . KNEADED . 

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  Decker Beckmeyer has a great life. He loves his family and his job. But every day he remembers the past and how he almost gave it up for the wrong woman. He’s vowed to never let another woman into his heart again even though he yearns for love and a family of his own.

When he does his sister an innocent favor, that all changes.

Natasha can’t believe her life has come to this. An ex-boyfriend is harassing her and her once perfect life is now in shambles.

Enter Decker Beckmeyer.

He’s gorgeous, sexy, and has hair that any woman would be envious of. And he wants her to come work for Maple Ridge Resort and Spa.

The timing couldn't be more perfect.

There’s just one problem. He spends his days ignoring her, while she spends all of hers obsessing over what it would be like to be with him.

That is until she’s had enough and confronts him, only to find out that maybe he’s not as immune to her as she thought.

Take one last ride with the Beckmeyer Family as Decker finally gets his happy ending.

                      MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to Maple Ridge resort an spa . Nina is working hard to get the opening of the spa ready . She needs a head massage therapist . She asks Decker for one favor go and check out the two people she has picked and get them to come work at the lodge . When he goes and sees Natasha and things really get complicated . Natasha has an ex that she needs to get away from so she takes the job. Decker keeps ignoring her and she keeps fantasying about him . Until the moment she confronts him and things aren't what they seem . Decker can't keep his mind off of her and well his hand or lips either . Will the hurts of the past come between them or will they realize that they are meant for each other . 

 OMG I  was so excited to finally read Decker's story . I have loved him since book one . He is a card with devilish good looks and wit that will have you laughing hard . Just diving into his mind will have you rolling with laughter. Natasha is sweet and very confidant in what she wants but there is also a sadness about her . She has had a bad relationship and he is still after her . She doesn't really trust a lot o people. She is such a fun character  I really love how the Nina and Eden welcome her into the family when Decker and her start dating . 

  This is a great ending for this series , I truly enjoyed Decker and Natasha . They both were hurt and had bad relationships and when they come together we get to see them bond and heal with each other . Also they are hot , hot , hot together . The author really out did herself with this last book . It is great to see everyone have their happily ever after . The way Decker treats Natasha is the way you wish you could be treated. This book read fast and there is lots of romance but also there is a bit of intrigue that goes along . I read this book in an evening and loved every minute of it . So if you want a fun series that will have you falling in love over and over again check out the the Beckmeyer series . 

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