Friday, November 5, 2021


 Good morning my peeps , we made it to Friday and its going to be a great weekend here . No snow yet so very happy about that so I can read outside one las time this weekend . The book I have for you ALL HALLOW'S EVE (Haven Hollow book 10 . Remarkable Remedies novella ) by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                             BOOK BLURB

 It’s two days until Halloween in Haven Hollow and Astrid is feeling the holiday blues.

After being kicked out of her coven, the young witch is missing the holiday festivities she’s grown up with, and she’s also upset about a boy. Not to mention she’s perplexed over the subject of what she should gift to Wanda for the most important night of the witching calendar (known as ‘Samhain’).

When Astrid’s ne’er-do-well brother, Maverick, reaches out, Astrid is over the moon to hear from him. Because Maverick is disallowed entrance into Haven Hollow (Wanda banished him after a witchly duel), Astrid agrees to meet him in the neighboring town of Riverport, where they plan to celebrate the season by harvesting apples for the Autumn Fae.

Reunited with her prickly brother, Astrid admits she has no idea what to gift Wanda for Samhain and Maverick suggests his newest concoction, Regression Oil—a potion which brings to light someone’s past lives.

Astrid, excited by the promise of the potion, eagerly agrees to assist Maverick in the creation of the Regression Oil, all the while wondering what lifetimes will reveal themselves before Wanda’s eyes.

During a meeting of the Black Cat Cocktail Club, Astrid spikes Wanda’s drink with the Regression Oil, waits until the clock strikes midnight and activates the potion with a spell.

And that’s when everything goes to hell in a Prada handbag…

                  MY REVIEW 

 The ladies of the Black Cat Cocktail club are back and funnier then ever. Its two days before Sanheim and Astrid is blue and lonely . She is fretting over a boy when she contacted by her brother Maverick who wants to see her . Against her better judgement they meet with the promise of new potion making . When she gets home and spikes Wanda's drink with the potion that she thought would help Wanda see her past lives . Well things go from good to worse when Astrid accidently hexes Wanda , things go down hill from that moment on . Will Astrid be able to bring Wanda back before Sanheim is over or will Maverick get away with what he did .

  Ok the ladies are back and funnier then ever .This is more Astrid's book and the poor girl is really just trying to fit in . She is having a bout of home sickness and on top of that nursing a broken heart . She is your typical teen ager , sweet and sometimes a bit naive and wants to help , even when she did the bad . Maverick is well he is so manipulative and really does a number on poor Astrid .He is a trickster and really does a poor number on Astrid . Wanda, Poppy and the rest of the ladies are back . They are funny and trying hard to help Wanda out but it is Astrid and Lorcan who become the heroes and save the day . 

 This novella is such a fun read , its great to see a story from Astrid's point of view and how she sees things in Haven Hollow . The authors love to take their characters and really put them through the wringer but they do it with a laugh and a chuckle . I really liked this story , I giggled so hard through parts of it . Especially what happens to poor Wanda. This is a short fun read that was out just in time for Halloween . So if you want a fun read check out the Haven Hollow series . 

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