Friday, March 25, 2022


                      BOOK BLURB 

 No one finds their true love on Tinder…right?

I’m a strong, independent woman. Or that’s what I want to be. And I could be…if not for one distraction…Chase Elliot.
My former friend with benefits and I have enough chemistry to keep a laboratory bubbling. But even after he proposes, I wonder if real romance between a girl like me and a billionaire’s son is even possible.

Also in the mix are multiple misunderstandings, family drama, and the ghosts of Tinder dates past.
Why didn’t anyone tell me the road to happily ever after could be so damn bumpy?


I never intended to get married. My father had other ideas.
If I didn’t settle down, he’d cut me off. And because fake marriages and marriages of convenience seemed torturous, I thought of Ivy.
She’s gorgeous, smart, and sexy. And she’s the only one I can imagine calling my own. That’s why I proposed.
I maybe should’ve told her about my father’s ultimatum first.
So…what’s a guy to do when he blows up the best thing that ever happened to him? Asking for a friend…


JJ Sorel whiles away her day writing Steamy Romance novels. She loves conjuring up slightly damaged, seductive men who fall madly in love with smart, quirky women. Her novels have been translated into four languages.
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