Tuesday, March 22, 2022


 Good morning my peeps sorry I have been mia the last few days but it is the season of migraines and allergies on the farm . Today I have for you one of the best authors in romantic suspense .  Lisa Renee Jones and her book  LUCIFER'S SIN ( book one in the Walker Security Lucifers trilogy) 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 They call him Lucifer for his wild side.

She called him the man she loved, she called him Luke. But then he proved he really is worthy of his nickname. Or so she thought. Nothing is as it seemed back then.

A man with a past. The only woman he has ever loved. Someone wants her dead. That someone is about to find out that yes, he is Lucifer when you dare to threaten his woman. Even if she doesn't call herself that now. He does. But all he ever really wanted to be was Luke—the man worthy of her love.

                        MY REVIEW
 One phone , just one phone call takes Luke back to his past where the woman he loved is in danger on a hit list . When Ana a FBI agent comes back into his life old wounds are reopened but also the love they had reignites . Only the man who threatened their lives doesn't know what is going to hit him when Luke aka Lucifer is on the job. Will Ana and Luke be able to find out who is responsible and will Ana really get over what happened in the past to realize that they belong together. 

 Ok I am in love yes I said it I am in love with both of these characters . Luke is one of those men that is sexy and oh so protective . He is the alpha man that will make you weak in the knees and swoon . Deep down underneath all that ultimate maleness is a heart of gold and a sweet guy who wants the love of the one woman who wounded him . Ana well she is one feisty woman who can take care of herself. She can be tough but deep down inside she has a young girl that wants to be loved and cared for . You just have to crack her hard shell to get to what she is really is a woman who wants to be loved . They are so complex characters that just jump off the page at you . We also get to meet the men of Walker Security and they are no slouches either . 

  This book what can I say, I was totally hooked on this book . I love romantic suspense books and when I started reading this book I could not put it down . The characters jumped off the page at me and I got sucked into the story after chapter one . The author has a way of writing that will have you flipping the pages as fast as you can . There is lots of action and yes you do get you romantic times . There are moments you really want to smack both of them upside the head and tell them to smarten up. There is a big cliff hanger so I can't wait for book two . So if you want a book with a sexy heroine and an alpha that will melt your kindle check it out

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