Monday, March 14, 2022


  Good Monday morning my book peeps, hope you all had some great books to read this past weekend . I found this book by one of my favourite authors . FORGET ME NOT (A Regency Gothic Romance) by Michelle M Pillow 

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 When the scandalously independent Isabel Drake refuses to marry the man her parents choose for her, they force her to take lessons on how to become a respectable lady. However, her new tutor makes her feel anything but proper. Although her attraction to Mr. Weston is instantaneous, he resolves to keep her in her place—even as his desires for her become unmistakable.

Things are not what they seem at Rothfield Park. With Mr. Weston’s arrival, there comes an abundance of restless spirits who insinuate themselves into her life. Quickly, Isabel loses her grasp on reality, not knowing who’s alive or dead. Time is running out, and Isabel must solve the ghostly mystery of the eerie night mist that surrounds the manor before it comes to claim everyone she holds dear—including her Mr. Weston.

                            MY REVIEW 
 Things are what they seem at Rothfield Park , Isabel Drake is refusing to marry the man that her parents will choose for her . She is taking lessons on how to become a respectable young lady. Enter Dougal Weston a young tutor who has caught Isabel's eye . He tries to keep her in her place but feelings become stronger with each lesson . But there is more going on at Rothfield Park when Mr. Weston arrives there is a stirring in the spirits that make Isabel quickly lose her grasp on reality. She can't figure out who is alive and who is dead. With time running out Isabel must solve the mystery of the nightly mist that surrounds the manor before it claims everyone she holds dearly . 

  This is one of those stories that you really get into the characters . Isabel is one of those characters that is strong willed and sweet she is very independent in a way also and stubborn . Dougal well he is a sweet man who is also a little tortured in his soul. There are moments that you just want to wrap him up and take care of him . These characters are so well written and complex . You really just want to have them wrapped in bubble wrap and take care of them . This is one those books that have a large cast of characters that are all complex and you just fall in love with all of them . 

 This is one of those books that you will get swept away into a story that will give you all the feels .The story starts out with a bang and just keeps on going . The character are well written and complex and you will love them . This story has so many twists and turns that will have you second guessing all that is going on . There were moments in the book that have you thinking is she dead or alive . The book has such a sixth sense vibe to it . This is the first book I have read that had me totally confused as the character which is a great feel to it . This book has it all , ghosts , romance and a good mystery. I truly enjoyed this book and the twists and turns the author wrote . This is one of those stories that will have you hooked by the end of chapter one and you will be on the edge of your seat through the whole book. So check it out if you want a good story .

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