Wednesday, March 2, 2022


 Good morning my peeps , hope you are all doing well and reading some great books. Today I have book eight in the Happily Never After series . BOWIE by Plum Pascal aka Hp Mallory. 

                              BOOK BLURB

  Bowie is a shepherdess—someone who leads the dead to the world beyond this one.

When Bowie finds a lost soldier, Sinbad, roaming among the Mallow Fields—the place where spirits are drawn so Bowie can escort them to the ever after, she isn’t sure why she feels so attracted to him.

Maybe it’s owing to this attraction that she allows Sinbad to enthrall her with stories about his life at sea. Before she knows what’s happened, Sinbad has been tethered to her, which means he’s able to leave the Mallow Fields.

Good thing for Bowie because Sinbad becomes a protector of sorts—and protection is what she’ll need when she comes across three handsome strangers—Dolion, Claude, and Jack—who claim to be sent from the Guild to find her. Why? Because Bowie is a Chosen One.

Forced into accompanying these three men toward the final battle, Bowie finds she can’t help her attraction to all three of them, but there’s something about the group’s leader, Dolion, that doesn’t sit well with Bowie.

Maybe it’s because her emotions are out of her control when she’s around him, or that she keeps seeing visions from another time… whatever the reason, Bowie knows Dolion isn’t all he seems.

                       MY REVIEW 
  Bowie is a shepherdess that helps souls travel to their destined places . When one day her life gets turned upside down when she meets Sinbad a ghost who doesn't belong . They become friends with him telling her stories of his life on the sea . He becomes her protector when she meets three men who have told her that she is a chosen one  and she needs to come with them . While being forced to go with them she finds herself attracted to all three men but doesn't really trust Dolion, he brings out emotions that she has tried to keep down for years .  Will our heroine figure out before it is too late what Dolion is about or will her heart be broken beyond repair when she finds out who he actually is . 
  Ok this book has some really good characters . Bowie is basically a grim reaper as she takes people who have passed to their destined places but she is more then she believes she is . She is one feisty woman who has powers that could wipe out Morningstar . She is a little naive at first but my oh my she really grows in her powers fast . Claude is a sweet guy who is there to be Bowie's protector and her confidante . Jack is her trainer and he is well he is pushy and sometimes comes off just a little arrogant . Dolion is well he is just hiding something and is kind of creepy in the way he acts . He seems to be up to something not good .There is definitely more to him then meets the eye . Not going to spoil it but its a doozy . These characters are so well written and complex. You will love them .
   This is the eight book in the series  and it is getting really good and you really get a good look at the other side a bit . The characters are well written and complex  and you will totally love them . The author paints such a beautiful picture of the lands and the characters . You really get sucked into the story and can't help but cheer for the characters . This is one of those books that will have you fanning yourself and then in the next second you are on the edge of your seat .  I am so trying not to do any spoilers here cause I really want to . I can't wait to see what happens in Belle the next book . So if you want a fun read check out this series with strong heroines and the men who love them this is the series for you 

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