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 We made it to March , woohooo spring is on its way and I am back after taking a couple of days off to let eyes rest after reader roundup. Today I have book three in the Sinful Natures series . UNHOLY DESIRE  by Lynn Burke . 

                           BOOK BLURB

 As an overseas missionary who leads lost souls toward salvation, it’s imperative I live a godly existence, even in the midst of life-shattering grief.

Returning to the States brings about a trial worse than the loss of love, and I’m faced with desire for someone forbidden to me by my church and the word of God.

Aaron Weston.

My best friend’s son who is no longer a gangly teen. He makes me want things no newly widowed man should.

His presence fills the emptiness in my life, but my sinful nature longs for more. Every inch of him—in my heart, in my body, making me feel whole again.

Giving into the hunger of the flesh will take us down a path of immorality, one that goes against my strive for holiness.

I lost my wife from focusing on promised riches in glory.

And if I make the same mistake, I fear responsibility for the ruination of another soul.

                        MY REVIEW 
    Aaron Weston is trying to survive, taking care of his father . He is giving all that he has to his father and he needs help . When his fathers best friend comes home after loosing his wife . When Ezra comes home to help Aaron there are memories there that are pulling them together . But Ezra is a man of God and is conflicted about how he feels for Aaron and how he is feeling about his past . Aaron knows that they belong together but there is a lot of guilt there when it is about a gay man and the church . There are people in the church that are bigoted and thinks that loving a man is a sin . Will Aaron and Ezra over come the church and over come the past to actually have a chance at the love they both deserve . 
 Ok I am going to say this right now this I think is my favourite book in the series . The characters are so well written . Aaron is the sweetest guy in the world, he gives and give and gives to all those around him . He is also a very lonely guy who just wants to be loved and to love . You honesty want to wrap him un in a blanket and tell him everything will be ok . Ezra is well he is a broken man . He is carrying the guilt of his wife's death with him . He is a strong man but when you meet him you just want to hug him. He is just so torn between following the church and following his heart . Both men start to heal as they start to realize that they do belong together . I truly love these two damaged men , I just wanted to hug them both and make them soup . 
  This book is one of those books that will give you all the feels . The characters are well written and oh so complex . There are moments where you love them and other moments that you want to smack them and tell them that they need to grow up and realize they belong together. I read this book in one seating , I just couldn't put it down , I fell in love with these men and I was rooting for them to be together. The author can really write tortured characters and then she rips out your heart with these tortured characters . Like any good author she does repair your heart . This is one of those books that you can read as a stand alone but it is a good idea to read the other books in the series to get the whole story of what is going on with the characters that come in and out of Aarons life . This is one of those books that will give you all the feels so be ready and have the tissues ready . I think you will like this story so check it out.

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