Wednesday, March 23, 2022


 Well it is Tuesday and the melting is continuing out here on the farm . I am getting the itch to set up the patio and read outside . Can't wait till that can happen . Today I have book fifteen in the Haven Hollow series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. Lets dive into  THE VAMPIRE'S GRAVE . 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 When the gang finds themselves in Hollow Cemetery, helping Fifi renovate a mausoleum for a client, they have no idea that Astrid’s magic is about to go berserk, and Lorcan will be on the receiving end.

Find out what happens to Lorcan and how Haven Hollow’s best witch and gypsy plan to fix it!

                           MY REVIEW 
 Welcome back to Haven Hollow and the antics of the people that live there . Poppy and the gang are back and funnier then ever . When they are out helping Fifi do a remodel on a mausoleum for an air bnb for the undead . When Lorcan does something only he can do and basically flip the bird at a grave and drive Roy to almost rip him apart over Fifi.  When the funniest thing happens and it can only happen to Lorcan. Will they be able to help Lorcan and will Roy ever face the feelings he has for Fifi and realize that they belong together . 

  Ok, ok, ok going to say this once and once only . Lorcan deserves everything that he gets and man does he ever get it in this story. He is such a thorn in Roy's side and man Roy just is so confused . They are such a fun duo to read . Watching them go at it just makes you laugh so hard . Especially when Lorcan ends up in his predicament and Roy is the only one who can understand him . The ladies are also back and there to help or not help out Lorcan . They try their darnedest to help him but it just turns out to be a hysterical mess . I love these characters and love how they have grown and become more complex . 

  This is one of those books that you can read in a couple of hours and laugh your way through it . The authors really know how to make the characters more complex with each book .  They are a fun read and you get to laugh and laugh hard . I truly enjoy reading these books and love each and everyone of them . So if you want a fun read check it out .  

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