Thursday, March 31, 2022


 Good morning peeps , it is release day for Rachel Rawling's new book . BORN UNDER A BAD SIGN ( Mixed Signals book 1)

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Luck just isn't in the cards for Isobel Arden...

A down on her luck witch, Isobel Arden reads the cards to earn a living & her clients all have one thing in common - they keep dying. One is a coincidence but two in as many days?

It isn't long before the police come knocking and declare her the prime suspect. But there's more to these murders than meets the eye. Magic is the motive and Isobel's skills put a bullseye on her back for the real killer.

If she wants to clear her name and stay alive in the process, she'll have to convince a handsome and hardheaded homicide detective she's innocent before he has her in handcuffs.

                     MY REVIEW 
 Isobel is having a run of bad luck , she is a down on her luck witch who reads tarot cards to keep herself fed and a roof over her head . There is something going on could it be a coincidence  but the people she reads cards for keep dying . She is the prime suspect and has to prove to detective Michael Sullivan . Together they are on a mission to find out how and why these women are dying and with the help of Isobel's best friend David they are off to figure everything out .  Will they figure out who is trying to kill Isobel and will Michael and Isobel realize that they do belong together . 

  What do you do with a witch who is denying he magic and a detective that doesn't believe in anything that has to do with magic . You put them together and watch what happens . Isobel is kind of snarky and has moments of self sufficiency but most of the time she comes off as a self pitying wreck . She does grow through out the book though and really starts to come into herself .  She is one of those characters that you will love and sometimes hate . Michael is one of those characters that is strong brooding type of man . He is sexy but is hiding a whole bunch of hurt that you want to hug him and tell him that everything will be alright . My favorite character was David , the best friend and the voice in Isobel's head . He is funny and sweet and the guy you want in your corner . These characters are well written and complex. You will love them and hope that they all survive . 

  This author is an automatic buy for me and this story was a fun read on a cold evening . The characters are all well written and you will love them . Isobel is up there with the other female characters in the other series . The author takes us on a fun filled romp through the magical world . I love the fact there were tarot readings  that have you on the edge of your seat through out . There are funny moments that had me laughing out loud and there is a slowburn between the two main characters that will hopefully be played out in the second book.  The only thing that had me a little upset is that it just ended it was a big cliff hanger . I hope we can get the next book soon I want to know what is going to happen . So if you want a fun read that will have you laughing check it out. 

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