Wednesday, July 20, 2022


  Good afternoon peeps , I really hope that you are all staying cool and reading some good summer books . Today I have for you thriller by a young author. Lets check out 1,00 COLONIAL FARM ROAD  by Jeff Zimmerman. 

                             BOOK BLURB

 Esther Ahava Esperanza is an ex-Israeli Defense Force infantrywoman with a PTSD fueled past. Working as a ‘fixer’ for Langley, Virginia, she’s assigned with a job that is far different from all the other ones she’s done before. After assassinating an Aryan Brotherhood convict and a drug addicted prostitute, Esther is tasked with kidnapping the couple’s child and taking him under her own wing. Raising her adopted son to be a future contract killer for the CIA, Esther quickly learns that being a mother is harder than being a hitwoman. And it is true what a plethora of people say... love really can be tough!

                      MY REVIEW 

  Esther Esperanza is an ex military who was part of the Israeli Defense force and she is suffering from PTSD . She is a fixer and when she is tasked with an unusual  job she is tasked with taking their young son in and taking care of him . She doesn't know what is harder being an assassin for the CIA or raising a son . She quickly learns that having a son is harder then being an assassin . 

    When you start  a book and instantly connect with the main character is a good thing . Esther is one of those characters that you read and go wow . She is a kick butt woman but underneath all her training she is a woman and a mother who worries all the time if this will be the last time she sees her son  .  There are so many complex characters in this story . They are complex and you will love and hate them at the same time . 

  I have been following this young author for awhile . This is the book that I really enjoyed , the author has grown and this book kept me entertained . The characters were well written and you really start care for the main character . The book moves at a fast pace and there is a lot of action through out the book . It may be thriller in nature there is an under tone of what a mother would do to keep her son safe and loved . The author has really grown and it shows in his writing style . So if you want a kick butt heroine with a past that will have you on the edge of your seat through out the book . So check it out  a great book for your summer reading list . 

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