Saturday, July 30, 2022


  Good morning and welcome to day 4 of reader round up . Today I have for you reading pleasure BLOOD KISSED  by Angelina Kerner . 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Caith Milas is a hot, billionaire vampire who has everything going for him... Almost.

Caith is in love with Colleen a human who he's afraid his sisters will scare off, like they've done all the others. His solution? A contract for marriage with someone who will not break under his sisters thumbs.

Follow along in this witty Fake Marriage Love Story with Caith, his "wife", her cat and the wicked vamp sisters in Blood Kissed. Can the contract change? More importantly, can they all make the cat happy?
                    MY REVIEW 
    Caith Milas is a very hot billionaire and he is also a vampire . So you would think that he has everything going for him . Well not quite, he is in love with Coleen a human . His sisters have tortured and ran off every woman he has brought home  and he is scared they will do the same with her . Enter Tiffany the woman he hires to fake marry him and live with him for a month . Will Tiffany be able to handle the sisters and will this fake marriage actually turn into something else . And most of all will Cosmos finally get everything a cat deserves and wants . 
  Omg what can I say about these wonderful characters . Caith well he is your typical billionaire he comes off all snobby but underneath there is a heart of gold and yes I know he is a vampire but they can change to . It takes him a bit but he finally clues in to how he can make things better for everyone. Tiffany well she is no nonsense woman who is tougher then she looks . She really gives the sisters a run for their money and gives as good as she gets . But even she has her limits . I think my favourite character is Cosmos the cat , he just is the funniest little critter out there  and he does make the sisters fall in love with him even though they are evil to their very bones. 
  This is one of those stories that when you start reading you will get sucked in. They start off as an arranged fake marriage but as you read you really see them change . The story is a fun read that had me entertained all the way through .  I loved the characters they are complex and well written . So if you want a story for the pool check it out .

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