Friday, July 29, 2022


   Good morning , its Friday and its going to be a hot weekend . So I have the perfect novella for your hanging out by the pool . HAS-BEENS & HOCUS POCUS by Terri A Wilson . 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 Hollywood can kiss Marilyn Bordeaux's has-been-diva butt. At least that's what she'd like to tell everyone. But acting was her passion. Now when a death in the family forces her to return home. She'll have to make a choice between a passion that sees her as outdated or a family commitment she walked away from a lifetime before.

                        MY REVIEW 
  Marilyn's life isn't going as well as she wants it to . She is basically getting too old for movie roles and she classifying herself as a has been . Until the day that she gets a phone call about a death in the family . So home she goes with her best friend Lola. Oh did I forget to mention that Marilyn aka as Mimi is a witch and she is going home to say good bye and maybe save the town that she ran away from many years ago. 

   These characters are so fun to read . Marilyn aka Mimi is trying hard to forget her past but her present isn't that great . She is actually a fun woman but she is also so worried about what people think of her . She has an inner strength that she forgot about and when push comes to shove she is a fighter . Lola her best friend is hilarious , she is human and is fascinated with Marilyn and her life as a witch . She is there when Marilyn needs her and gives her the strength she needs . There are so many fun characters in this book that help Marilyn come back to her roots . Mermaids , wolves, fairies, and so much more . 

  This is one of the books where you start to read and the next thing you know you are done . It is a fast read with lovable characters . The author has a romance story mixed up with a little bit of a mystery and a welcome home story . The characters are well written and you really want to be come friends with them .  I read this book in an afternoon while relaxing in the hammock . It is a fun fast read that will have you laughing through out . So add it to your summer reading list you will love it . 

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