Wednesday, July 13, 2022


  Good afternoon my fellow peeps sorry I am late but was at the eye drs this morning so eyes were blurry . But enough about me today I have a fun filled book that releases today. PANDEMOMIUM IN PEROIA   by CJ Warrant and Rochelle Bradley 

                              BOOK BLURB 

Hanging with the Boba Book Babes at the Pandemonium in Peoria book event is supposed to be fun… schmooze with her favorite authors, buy books, and take pictures with the sexy AF male cover models. What Gina DiCaprio didn’t expect is to see her high school crush, Austin Blackmoor, and to find her favorite author dead with a phallus sucker shoved down his throat.

Not only is she a suspect, but another murder occurs right under her nose and now more than one attendee is on the suspect list. With the missing assistant who might have the answers to the murders, Gina and the Boba Book Babes stumble onto clues that might help clear her name and uncover the killer.

Austin Blackmoor didn’t count on a murder–least of all two, happening at the Pandemonium event. But reconnecting with his first love is the only highlight of the weekend. With each passing hour, they rekindle their attraction while the killer is on their heels. Austin will have to do everything to save the woman he’s not willing to lose again.

Can the Boba Book Babes uncover the killer before someone else dies? Will Gina and Austin get a second chance at love? Stick around for the after-party to discover the truth behind the Pandemonium in Peoria.

                       MY REVIEW 

  Gina is heading to a fun weekend with her girls at a book convention, where there will be books , panels and hot cover models . As they get ther Gina wasn't ready to run into her best friend who now looks like a god and the murder that just happened. When she meets Austin her world is turned upside down but in a good way . The murders have her baffled after she finds the body . Will they be able to find the killer and rekindle what they once had . Or will they be be at the mercy of a second murder . Stick around and see what happens in Peoria . 

  Ok this book is filled with fun loving characters that honestly have some of the same characteristics as some romance authors i know . Gina is a fun loving character and she just wants to have fun . The rest of the Boba Book club are the  funniest ladies ever .From the fanatic fan who will do anything for a basket to have dinner with her favourite author  to the others who drive Gina crazy and do a little well lets say there is just a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to the bedroom These ladies are crazy and the best of friends . Oh don't let me forget about the men of the Peoria book convention . They are so sexy and cut you just want to climb them . Underneath they are sweet and some what insecure , case in point Austin . He is built and the dream of most of the woman but deep down inside he seems to be the same little skinny boy who wanted his best friend . 

  When I got this book from the authors I couldn't wait to start reading it . I have never been to a book convention so I didn't know what I was into when I started reading . I couldn't believe how hysterical this book was and the characters are so lovable . You know you would have fun with these ladies .The authors combined a mystery with some zany antics of a book signing . The book is a fun fast read that had me laughing out loud through out . So check out the first book in a fun series . It will be great for your summer beach reads . Check it out 

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