Thursday, September 22, 2022


  Good morning all and welcome to the first day of fall, its cold here on the farm so it is a good day to snuggle down with a good book. Today I have book 21 in the Haven Hollow series DAY DREAM by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                         BOOK BLURB 


I’ve just moved to the legendary Haven Hollow to start the next chapter of my life…

My name is Sydney Blackstone, better known as The Sandman.

After losing my wife two years ago and getting lost in grief ever since, I decided I needed to start over.

So, I find myself in Haven Hollow, where I plan to open my own mattress store, Sandman Syd’s.

Almost as soon as I move to Haven Hollow, though, I realize my work is cut out for me—someone is having not only bad dreams but dangerous ones.

As the Sandman, it’s my responsibility to relieve this sleeper of whatever night terror is after them.

Little do I know the culprit is the infamous Jormungandr, the legendary serpent from Midgard.

With such a powerful predator on the loose, I don’t have much time to ensure the citizens of Haven Hollow are safe and, more pointedly, one citizen in particular: Bailey Bennett.

At the moment Bailey, a psychic from Spook Society, walks through my door, I have a feeling she won’t be walking out anytime soon.

As long as I can keep her safe, that is…

                        MY REVIEW 

  Welcome back to Haven Hollow, Syd has moved to the quaint little town to start over. There is something special about Syd, besides the fact that he has the best beds in the whole state. He is an honest to goodness Sandman. He is one busy man between getting his store ready and chasing a serpent of myth. He has to find this monster and keep the citizens of Haven Hallow before it is too late, well even the one person that he is starting to have feelings for Bailey Bennett the pretty psychic from the Spook Society. 

 I am loving this series and the fact that has revolving characters. Each book seems to have some great new characters. This book is all about Syd a sandman who is trying get his feet under him after the loss of his wife.  He is a sweet man who just wants to have his life and do his job. There is an underlying hero that he doesn't know he has until push comes to shove. Bailey is such a sweet girl who is stronger than everyone sees, she is a no-nonsense woman who has been through a lot and wants to have that one person to hang with. Syd is that person they have an immediate attraction to each other, and it is fun to watch it develop. Wd also get to meet Maverick, Syd babysitter until the council votes on if Syd can stay and he isn't going to hurt anyone. 

  This is a fun book to read, loving that there is a whole new set of characters in this story, It is really feeling like a town growing and adding new people all the time. The authors have a way of making each story fresh and an enjoyment to read. This is one of those stories that have a way to have you fall in love with them and each story links to the next story seamlessly. So if you want a fun book to read check it out. You will love to get to know the characters 

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