Friday, September 2, 2022


  Good afternoon peeps today is a little cooler out  so it is another good day to grab a book and sit in the sun and read . Today I have an unique anthology for you.  ALPHA QUEEN  by various authors including S,K Gregory, Lore Nicol and six other authors . 

                        BOOK BLURB

 Every Pack needs an Alpha...

In a pack, you answer to the Alpha, without question, but what happens when you don't want the job? Or when the other wolves are against you?

It's never easy being in charge, but for these Alpha Queens, it could prove deadly...

This collection of paranormal and urban fantasy tales explores the world of werewolf packs and female Alphas. Our heroines will face their deepest fears, darkest urges and terrible betrayals, but a Queen always comes out on top.

                        MY REVIEW 
   Every pack needs an alpha , but what happens when you don't want the job and everyone has to answer to you without question. Even when other wolves are against you . Its a hard line to hoe but these female alphas are here to prove them all wrong and fight with those fights that will prove that she can handle anything that comes their way .

  These are a collection of paranormal and urban fantasy stories with a a great twist to them . The main characters are all fearless women who come into their Alpha powers and honestly don't want the powers at first but come into them and take them on fearlessly . They are all well written and complex and you will love them . 

  I liked the stories in this anthology , I really liked SHE WOLF by S.K  Gregory . Aria has run away from the pack and all she wanted to do was sing .Until the day she gets kicked out of the band and find out that her dad the alpha and her brother are dead . Now she is on her way back to Stone mountain to take what is rightfully hers and honestly does she want to be back and see the people she hurt . Will she be the alpha she knows she can be or will she give it all up and run away again . 

  I truly love Aria she is one of those women who know what she wants even if at first she doesn't want it . She is a tough cookie when push comes to shove she will fight for everything and everyone .  Her mom is a card she may be tough but she is still in mourning but like her daughter when push comes to shove she will fight for family . Ryan is her best friend and the sweetest guy out there but he has been hurt and he is not ready to get involved with someone who is just going to run . These characters are very well written and complex . 

  This is a fun fast read and the characters are very well written. The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster .  I truly liked this story very much and couldn't put it down . There were some funny times and then there are times where you will want to keep them safe when things start to go awry . I wish the story could of been a bit longer to flesh out the characters more . So if you want a fun read check out this anthology . Your fall reading list will love you for it

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