Monday, September 12, 2022


  Good morning peeps today is release day for JD Brown's new book DARKNESS ABOVE. 

                           BOOK BLURB


Her parents are legends, but they’re losing the war. Now, it’s her turn.

Jordan Korento spent her life training for the vampire war, but no one will give her a chance to prove she’s more than just a princess.

When Jordan learns of a twin brother who was sent to live in hostile territory, she takes destiny into her own hands, determined to save the sibling she never met and make her family whole.

Joined by her vampire ex-girlfriend who she still has feelings for—and the mysterious Sergeant who steals her breath with a single glance—Jordan embarks on a rescue mission to Bavaria, where nothing is what it seems. Will she find a kindred spirit in her twin or an enemy lying in wait?

                         MY REVIEW 
  Jordan Korento is a legacy both her parents are legends in the vampire world . She has been training her whole life for the chance to prove that she is more then a princess. When she finds out that she has a twin brother who is with his uncle and aunt in the hostile territory . She takes her destiny into her own hands and goes out to find him . With the help of her ex girlfriend and a sergeant that you just can't really trust . She is off on an adventure that will take her and her friends to rescue the brother she never knew . 

   This is a spin off a popular book series The Ema Marx series . Jordan is the daughter of Jesus and Ema and man she is the image of her mother . She is feisty and fierce , she has trained her whole life to get into the fight. She has been born into privilege and wants to prover herself . She is only human though and does have some drawbacks with that . Her brother Logan is born as a Nephilim and he is well he is one mixed up young man . He is just a miss understood young man who is destined to be part of the demise of his sister . He is just trying to find his place in the world but can he . There are some old characters that come back which I personally loved . Each character is well written and complex . 

  I was so excited to hear that we are getting the next generation in the Ema Marx series . I devoured this book in an evening . The characters are well written and you get to see the new characters and get to hang out with some old characters . This book is set in two points of view from both main characters . I must admit that I truly enjoyed Logan's journey , it was like he was really trying to find his way in the wars . Jordan's journey was just as exciting but you kind of felt that she was ready for what was to come. Logan was more of a learn as you go kind of adventure . I truly enjoyed this book and so very happy that we are getting to go back to one of my favourite series with a new generation of characters. You don't have to read the first series but I would if you want to get to know Jesus and Ema before diving into Jordan and Logan . So if you want a good series starter check it out . I promise you will like them and want to see more from them 

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