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 Good morning peeps I hope your week is going well. Today I for you book 5 in the Resistance Girl series THE HIGHLAND RAVEN by Hannah Byron. 

                         BOOK BLURB 

  From troubled society girl to diehard SOE agent.

Scotland, January 1938

Staying strong and picking up your life, when you’re brought to ruin before even turning twenty, seems an impossible pursuit. Sable Montgomery sees only one way out. Pretend nothing happened, though the scars are deep, literally engraved on her body.

In a desperate dash for a new start, she accepts a marriage proposal from childhood friend Freddie, but their plans are thwarted. Instead, Sable ends up at a finishing school in Switzerland. High time to party and bully the less popular girls. Until a skiing accident and World War 2 handcuff Sable’s society life and all the fun stops.

On her return to London, a brush with secret agent recruiter Anna Adams sets the drifting Sable on a new course and to a new love. William “wild Bill” Mitchell – the Scotsman who trains the SOE agents - wins her heart. And though it’s love at first sight, the past won’t leave Sable alone.

When she’s forced to face her biggest enemy, SS-Hauptsturmf√ľhrer Joachim Von Henkell, in a one-to-one battle, her heart is ripped open all over again.

With her tough exterior and survival instinct, Sable ultimately fights her way to the top of Churchill's secret agents’ ladder. Even Anna can be proud of her. But when the war is over, Sable has but one wish. To find the girl she was forced to leave behind.

                         MY REVIEW 
     Sable is a young woman who is on a turning point in her life, she is desperate to find a new life. So she accepts a marriage proposal from her best friend but her plans were thwarted and she finds herself in a finishing school. Where she decides to become the original mean girl. After a skiing accident and the start of World War 2 put a stop to all Sable's partying and her social life is stopped all together. When she returns to London she runs into a secret agent recruiter Anna Adams , sends Sable on a new path were old wounds will be ripped open and hauntings of the past will come to a head. Will she able to find get to the top of Churchill's secret agents. All she wants to do is get back to the one little person that she left behind.

  There are so many characters that run throughout this book. Sable is at the start of the book is a spoiled brat who is lost but as you follow her you watch her grow up and become a strong woman who will fight tooth and nail for the people she loves. She becomes the highland raven and helps thwart the plans of the SS. Her best friend Freddie is a sweet guy who only wants Sable happy. He is so sweet and kind but also wants to fly airplanes in the war. He is one of those people that you want in your life he will do anything for you.  There are so many wonderful characters that come into Sable's life throughout the book, The characters are so well written and complex you will love them.

  This is the fifth book in the series, and it is only getting better. This is Sable's story and I was so excited to sit down with this book. The author has a great grasp of the historic era and the characters fit right into the era. We get to see how the girls who met at a finishing school and become such forces in the resistance in World War 2.  I love this book series so very much, the author really gave me a love for historical romance stories. So, if you want a great series for the fall check out the Resistance Girls series .

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