Thursday, April 20, 2023


  Good morning peeps welcome to 299 day of winter here on the farm . So what do you do when it is blizzard going on outside you grab a book and snuggle down with a good book . Today I have for your enjoyment AGE GAPE ROMANCE part 2 by Hp Mallory

                           BOOK BLURB


So, I just decided to make the target of my femme-fatale training my professor, Derek Anderson.

The only problem? Derek isn’t exactly what I’d call an easy target.

He’s a playboy and he’s known as the hottest professor on campus which means he can basically get any woman he wants.

But that’s not the only problem.

The biggest one so far is that I’m starting to develop feelings for him and according to the laws of seduction, that’s breaking rule #1.


I made a mistake.

After deciding Nikki and I can never be anything, I just invited her to become my teaching assistant.

And she agreed.

Damn me, but now I can’t get that woman out of my head.

I know I’m playing a dangerous game, but I want her.

And what usually happens when I want something?

I get it.

                      MY REVIEW

  Nikki is working the Femme Fatale notebook and everyone is taking notice. Even the teacher she wants but is it getting too much for both of them . With Nikki becoming his teaching assistant things are going to get hot and i mean hot . When real feelings start to seep in and making the water muddy will they be able to stay friends or will they finally dive into their desire and take it to a whole new level

  Nikki and Derek are well just getting a lot more complicated. We get to see Nikki finally grow up in this installment and realize that she is playing with fire with Derek. There are real feelings surfacing and we watch how both of them and how they handle the feelings of what could be and what love would be like with this person. It is not only Nikki doing the growing Derek is also doing a bunch of growing this installment . He finally cares for someone other then himself. We really do get to see them both grow and realize love is fighting for. 

   The second part starts basically right where book one ended and is a good read. We find more emotions coming out in this book and it seems like we finally get to see the characters real feeling finally emerge.  This quick read will be giving you all the feels and there are moments that you want to bang their heads together . I truly enjoyed this series and it is a departure from the normal writing of this author . This is not a stand alone you really should read part one to get the full feeling of these characters and watch how they grow . If you want a fun interesting read that will give you all the feels check out the series.

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