Tuesday, April 11, 2023

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  Good morning peeps, I hope you are all rested up from all the Easter day fun. I think spring is finally here on the farm . Today I have for you a new series for you it is a cotemporary romance from one of my favourite paranormal authors. AGE GAP ROMANCE by Hp Mallory.

                       BOOK BLURB


This year, college is the school of hard knocks and I seem to be the perfect example of why Mars and Venus can’t play nice with each other.
Dumped by my longtime boyfriend, I’m not exactly having the greatest year of my life.
But thanks to The Femme Fatale Handbook, a handwritten notebook I found buried in the annals of the library, things are about to change.
I’m taking the notebook’s advice about how to become the ultimate seductress and I’m running with it.
There’s no way I’m going to let another man break my heart ever again.
Enter Derek Anderson, bad-boy professor—rumored to be in trouble for sleeping with a student.
Derek is moody, opinionated, rude and egotistical… and he might just make the perfect target for this seductress in training.


I’m not a relationship kind of guy.
I take what I want from women, usually a one-night stand, and then I move on.
I’m not about to get locked down by anyone, especially not an undergraduate student, no matter how hot she is.
Of course, Nikki is beyond hot—she’s also whip-smart and she won’t put up with my BS.
But she’s also a student and my rule #1? I don’t date my students.
Not only that, but she’s young. And that’s rule #2: I like my women the way I like my wine: mature.
So, what is it about Nikki that’s making it impossible for me to stop thinking about her?
I’m intrigued, but frustrated too, because I don’t know how she did it, but the little vixen’s got the upper hand—something which is about to change...

                     MY REVIEW
  Nikki is working hard on getting through college and when her long time boyfriend decides to breakup with her , her life takes a turn for the better after finding a book called the Femme Fatale which is going to help take back her power. Derek is a professor who is an alpha male who has had a few relationships with a few graduate students. Nikki confounds him and he is trying not to fall for the young woman but with the help of the book Nikki is wearing him down a little bit at a time. Will they be able to fight their growing feelings and will Nikki get her power back and become the woman she wants and needs to be. 

   Nikki and Derek are one of those couples that you actually want to see what happens to. Nikki is your typical college student taking classes and trying to make it work with her boyfriend. She is really kind of wishy washy at the beginning of the book, you kind of want to shake her and tell her she is worth more then what she is doing . As the book goes on we see her really start to blossom and really become the woman she is meant to be .  Derek is well he is a cad , he thinks that he is really god's gift to women and isn't into relationships. I love that we really get to see him stew and be driven crazy over this young woman. They are well written but I feel like they are going to become more complex as time goes on. 

  This is the first book in the two book series and the author has created a story that will have you laughing and crying through out. We get to meet your characters and actually you will love them and hate them at the same time . We get to watch a woman who has had her power taken away from her slowly regain it and we get to see a man who has the power slowly start to get the power taken away from him. The story is well written and there is a sense of betrayal and a longing with the characters. The ending of the book left us with a bit of a cliff hanger but the next book is already out and I can't wait to see how things go for these characters. There is an age gap , student professor trope and if you like forbidden love this will be the book for you . Check it out.

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