Friday, April 21, 2023


 Well made it to Friday and the storm is over , I did get some great books read while it was storming out. Today I have for you MERCURY RISING ( Midlife in Retrograde book one ) by J.B Aspen, I got this book as an advanced reader copy , you can preorder it now. 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 Midlife—when the magic really begins…

Happy Birthday and hello Mid-life crisis. Hi, I'm Mercury Rodgers and at forty-five I thought life was over. Dead-end job, empty was just me and the cat starting over. Again.

But when I lost my house and moved in with my pickleball playing, ballroom dancing, super social senior citizen mom—that was the icing on my midlife birthday cake. Then, out of nowhere, my luck changed.

Or so I thought...

I won an all expenses paid trip to the Phoenix Inn. Now the bodies are piling up and I’m a suspect in a murder investigation. But the real surprise is: I’m not just a broke, divorced, empty-nester—I’m a witch.

And the magic is just beginning...

                          MY  REVIEW
   Mercury is well she is not having a good day. It is her birthday and she is having a mid life crisis, she turned 45 and is divorced, an empty nester with a dead end job. It is just her and her cat . After selling the house that she raised her family in and moving in with her mom. Things start to change when she wins an all expenses paid vacation to the Phoenix Inn. Where things change for Mercury , there is more to her then just being a mom and and empty nester . Mercury is a witch and now is her time to shine. 

 Mercury is one of those characters that you love to read . She is a woman who has been through so much and having to rebuild her life after a divorce. Mercury thinks that she has hit rock bottom and we get all the feels from her . Then we get to see her change and become the strong woman that  was hidden underneath the woman who feels like she was broken and not good to anyone anymore . We also get to meet a whole cast of characters that are there to either help or hinder her in her becoming the woman she needs to be. 

   Mercury Rising is one of those books that when you start you will fall in love with. The characters are well written and funny . I love that the character is not your young know it all , she is a woman who is who wants to happy again . I truly like this authors style of writing and I knew I would be sucked into the story from the first page .  It has a lot of twists and turns that will have you on the edge o your seat most of the time. If you want a good start to a series check it out . 

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