Wednesday, April 26, 2023


  Good morning peeps hope your week is going well. Today I have for you the next book in the Wolves of the West series. SOUL OF A WOLF  by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom. 

                          BOOK BLURB 

   Rayne Carter is used to secrets, being a werewolf in the land of humans. But new concerns make searching for the tough wolf pack housed in the old Desperado ghost town a necessity. Out of her element in the Arizona desert, can she count on that pack's help when her new secrets are exposed and she falls for that pack’s handsome protector?

The desert is an integral part of Sam Owens, just as his inner wolf is. So his attraction to a beautiful female from the East with extraordinary secrets of her own could make his life better… or fuel a new round of trouble from dangerous predators that test his pack.

                     MY REVIEW
     Rayne Carter has secrets that she has hidden for awhile but what is happening to her is more then just being a werewolf . She is on the hunt for her brother and the wolf pack that is from Desperado a ghost town in the Arizona desert. When she runs into  Sam the pack enforcer and sparks fly and when lives are put in danger and Rayne's life is put in danger. His attraction and feelings are put in danger. Will they survive the night or will they be pulled apart before they truly find each other.
  Rayne and Sam are well they are a great set of characters. Rayne is a fighter but like any good heroine she is wrestling with a dark secret . There is something very special about Rayne and its not that she is a werewolf. There is something special that Rayne can do and when she does it amazes everyone. Sam well what can we say about Sam, he is well lets just say a sexy, broody cowboy. He has had some heart break where he had feelings for someone but she wasn't his mate.  When they meet there wasn't sparks but there was a certain pull between them and it is undeniable that there is a spark . The characters from the first book are back and ready to fight with Rayne and Sam to find out what is in the desert . 
 This is the second book in the series and I was excited when I started reading  and found out this was Sam's book. He stood out in book one and glad he got more. The author writes such dynamic characters that you want to get to know better. The story moves fast and this particular one happens all in one night . So when you sit down to read be prepared for a fast paced book with plenty of intrigue, a bit of romance and whole bunch of attraction. I think it can be read as a stand alone but it is good to read the first book to get to know Sam and the rest of the cast . So check it out you just might fall in love with Desperado and the wolf pack that lives there.

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