Monday, April 17, 2023


 Well we are back to Monday and I am getting ready for another dump of the winter white stuff. Today I have the second book in the Gwen's Ghosts series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. DEAD AND GONE .

                           BOOK BLURB

 After waking up with a could-be killer in my bed, I’m understandably panicked.

And that panic only increases when I realize Bastian realizes there’s something off about me.

I need to get this guy out of my house (and probably my life) pronto!

Yet it doesn’t seem things are going to be quite so easy.

And while what few clues there are point to Bastian, I can’t help but feel like he’s innocent—or is that just wishful thinking on my part since I sort of like him?

Whatever my reasons, I’m now determined to find Victoria’s killer—whether that killer is Bastian or not.

But what I’m not planning on is finding myself breaking and entering, hiding from the police, and the worst shock of all?

Meeting Leo’s wife…

                        MY REVIEW 

  Gwen and Petra are back and funnier then ever. After waking up with Bastion Gwen starts to panic with a would be killer in her house even if he is drop dead gorgeous. Things go from bad to worse when Gwen realizes that Bastion thinks that there is something off about Gwen . As the clues keep adding up to Bastion being the killer things just don't add up to him being the killer. Gwen is even more determined to find the killer even if it means breaking and entering , hiding from the police and the ultimate sacrifice meeting Leo's wife. 

 Gwen and Petra are back and they are funnier then ever . Gwen is trying to find Victoria's killer and she is getting feisty and hard working . She wants put Victoria's murder behind her . I love how strong and feisty she is but there is a side to her that all she wants is love and a good man to love. Petra is well she is a ghost but man she is hilarious. She keeps Gwen in line most of the time . She is like jimney cricket on her shoulder most of the time . We also get to meet Bastion and he is well he is a playboy but there something about him that you can't help but fall for but there is an air about him that you just can't trust yet . These characters are so well written and complex and you will love them  

  In the second book of the series starts right where book one left off . The authors have created such a fun story line and they really come off the page at you . There is so much going on in book two. The things Petra does and says had me in stitches all the way through the book. I truly enjoyed this book and loved the character development through out the book. This can't be read as a stand alone I would really suggest you read book one first and then dive into this fun fast read . I think you all would love this series so check it out

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