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  Good morning my peeps hope your Tuesday is going well, well I am under another snowfall warning so glad there are books to read. Today I have for you the last book in the Sentinels of Savannah . THE CAPTAIN'S CURSE  by Lisa Kessler. 

                        BOOK BLURB 

 Captain Ian Flynn would die for any one of his crew…if he could. Now he might have to. Because one of the only known weapons able to kill an immortal is missing. The Spear of Destiny—a priceless religious artifact from the crucifixion—is in the hands of his ship’s ruthless ex-captain. Now the lives of the Sea Dog’s immortal pirate crew are all at risk…along with the headstrong mortal Ian never should have fallen for.

Writer Lily Bouchard isn’t sure what’s worse. That she fell for Ian Flynn only to get her heart broken, or that she romanticized the man like he was some gorgeous viking straight out of a movie. So when he shows up suddenly with some absurd tale of immortal pirates and mythical religious relics, Lily doesn’t know what to think. He’s always had a wildness beneath his well-tailored appearance…but how could any of this possibly be real?

Now a centuries-old vendetta between two pirate captains has erupted, and Ian will do anything to keep Lily safe—even if it means risking everything. But she won’t give him up without a fight.

The only thing more dangerous than killing an immortal is falling for one…

                     MY REVIEW
     Ian Flynn is the captain of the Sea Dog and would do anything for his crew . So, when he hears about the Spear of Destiny going missing he is on a mission to get it back. The spear is the only thing that can kill an immortal.  It is in the hands of the ex captain of the   Sea Dog. Now he and the woman he has fallen in love with , Lily they must find the spear and save the crew of the Sea Dog . 

   Ian and Lily well now here is a couple. Ian is the immortal swash buckling pirate who is holding on to a lot of hurt and secrets.  He has isolated himself away from his crew and they really don't have their trust . He has hurt the woman who has his heart but didn't know it . I will say that he is one sexy man but there are moments when you want to smack him upside the head because of his stubbornness. Lily is a writer and the sweetest woman ever . She has been hurt before by Ian but she is guarding her heart . She maybe sweet but there is a toughness about her that have her fighting to keep Ian and the crew alive. We also get to meet Morgan the ex captain of the Sea dog and he is out for blood . He didn't die on the island over 200 years ago and now he wants his revenge. He is well kind of blood thirsty and hot as heck but is there redemption for Morgan you will have to read to find out . We also get the rest of the gang back and honestly funnier and sexier then ever. 

 This is a bittersweet book for me , I love this series so much and it honestly felt sad it was  the last book in the series. We finally get to see Ian get his hea which to me was great . The author really put these characters through so much. Counting the city of Savannah which she used as a great back drop to the stories of the men of the Sea Dog. The author packed a lot into this last book and actually found a way to redeem both Ian and Morgan. So if you want a book full of intrigue , all the smexiness and well pirates . Check out this series and each book can be read as a stand alone. What are you waiting for go meet the men of the SEA DOG  and get your pirate on. Preorder today

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