Friday, September 30, 2016


  Good Friday all , sorry I haven't been around this past week, between fall farm work and getting caught up on my reading it has been a busy week . This past week on the rainy days I snuggled down with a chai latte and started Mike Evan's new book, VOICES IN MY HEAD . 

                            BOOK BLURB

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but we all know people can be cruel. What if the devil on your shoulder could actually come out and play? Voices in my Head is just that. Meet Mikey, the sweetest five-year-old you've ever met, and his psychotic dark side Michael. When his mother changes his life forever Michael comes out to play.

                               MY REVIEW
    Well I started this book on a rainy morning , and after 3 vanilla lattes and a creepy crawly feeling up my spine a few times  I finished once I started I couldn't put the book down . I wanted to find out what was going on, ok let me rephrase that I needed to find out what was going on . I had a vested interest in these characters from the get go . Meet Mikey a sweet young boy that has gone through so much in his young life . Mikey is angelic sweet kid that everyone loves and wants to protect . When he looses the two people in his life that love him out comes Michael the evil twisted side of Mikey . He protects Mikey and does what needs to be done . They are two sides of the same coin and with the help of a dedicated police officer and a caring doctor. Will Mikey be safe and become a sane boy
   I love the characters in this story , Mikey is such a complex little guy on one side he is a sweet innocent little boy who you can't help fall in love with and on the flip side there is Michael the evil little monster . Michael takes over in times of stress and does what needs to be done . He takes care of things in such an evil way , waking Mikey up in time to take the blame for what has happened . They are very complex characters in their own. On one hand you want to wrap Mikey up in a blanket and hug him tight . Michael on the other hand you want to take over your knee and spank his ass hard or hire an exorcist depending on the time of day you meet him.
 Another great character that helps Mikey out is Detective Happy , don't let the name fool you Detective Happy is a very strong man that will do anything to help someone out . He believes in Mikey and will do anything to help him out . He knows there is something different about Mikey and wants to help him become a whole person . They go through so much together you see the bond growing between them right up until the very end . All the characters in this story are strong and complex.
   I will say this about Mike Evans I think his brain is warped big time, he can send shivers down your spine with his writing . I must say that I had the creeps while reading this one . I kept looking over my shoulder for about two days afterwards . The story is one of intense physiological terror and you will cringe as you read . The tears will fall and trust me you will be scared especially if you live out in the boonies where your nearest neighbour is miles away . Be prepared when you read to actually set your kindle down and walk away for a few minutes . Trust me you will need to take a few breathers every now and then. The story moves fast and the characters are great . I would add this book to your reading list for October right now . Check it out you will not be disappointed

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