Thursday, September 15, 2016


  Good Thursday morning all its almost the weekend and its looking pretty good for reading. Today we are going to review A FABLED OAK  by Simon Clark.

                            BOOK BLURB

Along with his pet monkey and his team of mismatched ghost hunters, Byron’s talent for pursuing the paranormal is called upon once again.

This time Byron and his team are in Wales investigating an ancient tree that the children of a hippy commune claim harbours a wicked spirit.

Too afraid to play outside, the young boys and girls of Summer Moon Camp tell Byron of a monster made from the leaves, moss and bark of their once beloved tree.

The eccentric and wealthy Byron must venture high up into the oak with his trusted friends to find the true reason behind the tree’s haunting.

But what he finds resists him with violent force – and brings back his most painful memory.

Can he free the commune of this devilish spirit before it is too late?

                        MY REVIEW
   This is a tale of an old oak that is haunted , scaring children that venture out to play . They say it has a demon hiding in the branches . Lord Byron and his team of ghost hunters are on their way to find out what is going on . The people of the modern commune are scared of what the tree can do . The children are scared to be outside . They must figure out what is going on or die trying
  The characters are well written even the commune and the tree are characters in their own right  Byron is a great character you will instantly fall in love with him and his monkey . They  keep the story moving fast . I can't believe how developed all the characters were for such a short book . The author did an amazing job with all of them . Making us care for each and every one of them
  This was the first book I have read by this author and I must say that I really enjoyed it . I love horror books and this short book made me want more . There were a few issues that kind of made the book hard to read , some words ran together they forgot to hit the space bar but other then that it was a great book. So if you wan a short read for this Halloween check it out .

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