Wednesday, September 14, 2016


  Good Wednesday everyone  hope your hump day is going well . I must say I have been on a comic/ graphic novel kick this past couple of weeks . I found a cool new series that I didn't realize that were in graphic novel form . So now I am hooked . Let me introduce you to the DRESDEN FILES WILD CARD by Jim Butcher .

                            BOOK BLURB

Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files saga continues in this original and in-continuity graphic novel, featuring a never-before-told story set after the bestselling novel White Night and graphic novel Down Town! A bizarre double murder draws the interest of Chicago's only wizard-for-hire. But as Harry Dresden begins his investigation, the clues lead to troubling conclusions about the possible perpetrator, and set him on a path that will place him in the middle of a conflict between the city's three most powerful factions -- a conflict that could engulf all of Chicago!

                          MY REVIEW
   I was so excited when I found out the Dresden Files were in graphic novel form . So I scooped it up right away . This is a new story set after the White night series . I must say it is a really good start to the series
  Harry Dresden is the main character and he is up to his eyeballs in trouble . He is investigating the deaths of two girls, who have had their souls sucked out of them. With the help of his friends and some family . He hunts down the killer  but first he needs to go to the White court and ask for some help.  The story is great and I love all the characters  they are complex and all strong willed and great to read .
  The graphics are great and the story line will take you on a ride .  Has a great balance new and back story . If you are new to the Dresden files this might be the place to start . Then hit up the novels and the rest of the graphic novels . You will not be disappointed .

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