Monday, September 12, 2016


  Good Monday morning all, hope you all had a very peaceful weekend full of laughter and joy . Today we are going to review a very special book . This book was suggested to me by a good friend and I was  like ok I will give it a try . The book is a retelling of Ruth , so let me introduce you to RUTHIE  the book of Ruth retold . by Annabelle Garcia

                             BOOK BLURB

“I will go with you, mother. Where ever you make your home, there I will make my home. I will stand by you. Your people will be my people and I will serve the God you serve. Please do not ask me to go back to the people who turned their backs on me. Do not ask me to go.” Ruthie begged and Naomi smiled tenderly.
“Ruthie, Ruthie, Ruthie,” she crooned softly. “How can I refuse you? I will allow you to go with me as far as you wish.” Naomi patted her hand. “I will not hold it against you when you decide to come back.” Ruthie held her tightly.

One of the most loved characters comes to life in Ruthie, a re-telling of the story of Ruth. Get to know her on a whole new level. Follow the journey of Ruthie from her homeland to a place foreign to her. From dispair to joy. If you've ever wondered how it might have been, then this is the story for you.

                             MY REVIEW
  When a good friend suggested this book to me I was like ok lets see how this goes . Who knew a retelling of such a strong biblical character could be so entertaining and so emotional .  I knew the story of Ruth from the bible but I must say the author puts a great new spin on the story . She treats the characters with such love and compassion . She also tells the story with such a sweetness and in a way that everyone will be able to enjoy the story and fall in love .
    The characters are written in such a way that has you falling in love with them. The character I actually identified with the most is Naomi she was the glue that held everyone together . She was the one that rolled with the punches and just kept going . She accepted Ruth and loved her like her own daughter .  Ruth is also a very strong and lovable character , you see her going from a young girl trying to find her way to a strong woman in God at the end doing what needs to be done to live and love . She is the woman that you want in your corner and she is lovable and is loved by her friends and family. I will say all the characters are lovable and strong in this book you will fall in love with them all .
    The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster that will honestly make you think a little . Annabelle writes with such a passion that will take you right to the place in time . She make you fall in love with her characters and you want to cheer and root for them . She slips a few words of wisdom through out the book , which are very powerful . So if you want a fun read and maybe get to know a well loved bible character a little better . Check out RUTHIE you will not be disappointed .

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