Monday, September 19, 2016


   Good Monday morning my lovelies , today we are going to review a great book in a great series by Robyn Peterman. Its the latest book in the HOT DAMNED series called FASHIONABLY DEAD AND WED.

                            BOOK BLURB

I know I’m already mated…I wanna get married.

What do you get when you combine a three headed monster named Charles, a rotund, gay, dancing Demon named Doug, a culinary disaster baked by Mother Nature, a celibate premarital councilor named Jeff, an offer from Satan that’s impossible to refuse and Steve Perry?

You get the Royal Wedding from Hell—or to be more accurate—possibly in Hell.

All I want to do is marry the Vampyre of my dreams with my closest friends and family in attendance. Yep, I know nuptials in the undead world are unheard of, but I’m still hanging onto my humanity if only by a thread. Being mated is great, but getting married is important to me.

Tacky invitations and cake that causes food poisoning aside, I also need to deal with the stream of Demons entering my world from mysteriously opened portals. Not to mention Angel Jeff is going to fail us on the premarital test if we participate in any nookie before the wedding.

I’m trying really hard not to go bridezilla on everyone. With five days to plan the wedding, I have figure out who’s opening the portals and deal with our hostile allies who think our wedding is a farce. It’s been a very difficult week—especially the no nookie part.

All I know is this, I will say "I do" on Saturday even if it I have to go to Hell and back to accomplish it.

                           MY REVIEW
  I squealed when I saw that Astrid and Ethan were getting married . I knew that this was going to be a wedding of the century. Well ok for the decade  but if you know Astrid and Ethan you know this vampire couple will not have an easy time getting to the alter . If they get there at all. With the family that Astrid happens to have its a wonder that she hasn't blown up half of the U.S . Between the demons coming through the portals and the family wanting to run the wedding it will make a woman go mental . Will they survive the demons and will they survive the wedding in hell.
   All the characters are back in this addition to the series . Astrid is ass kicking again and trying not to stress out too much about her wedding . She is also trying to stay ahead of her 9 month old son Samuel who is growing fast. She is a strong foul mouth woman who loves her mate and her family and will do anything and everything to keep them from harm. I love her and have learnt some really cool new ways of swearing thanks to Astrid.  She is my type of woman, I love her . Ethan and the rest of the gang is here also . I must say my all time favourite characters have to be Mother Nature she is so unpredictable and a laugh riot all glitter and hormones .
    Robyn takes us a laugh riot, fun filled journey through Astrid's life . I have never laughed so hard . Robyn never ceases to amaze me with her fun witty writing.  The story is fun and a fast read , I read it in an evening and laughed my way through it . Hubby just laughed at me when he heard me hysterically laughing . So I read him some of the passages and he was rolling on the floor . I have read everything from this author and I must say that with every book she puts out they get better and better . I can't wait to see where Astrid and Ethan go from here and what kind of trouble will their family get into . If you haven't read any of Robyn's books I suggest you do . You will laugh so hard your sides will hurt and you will fall in love. Check out the HOT DAMN series you wont be disappointed

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