Monday, November 5, 2018


  Welcome to Monday , yes I said Monday . The worst day of the week . Today we are going to review a new author to me . Let me introduce you to Jennie Marts and her novel WHAT TO DO ABOUT WEDNESDAY .

                            BOOK BLURB

What happens when hump day turns homicidal…
Finally out on her own, all college freshman, Piper Denton wants is to live a normal life. But any chance of normal is annihilated when her roommate is murdered on her first day of class. Add in the antics of a surprise new roommate, a scruffy stray dog, and the attention of three Star Wars shirt-wearing nerds who want to go out with her, and her days are now anything but ordinary. Except Piper doesn’t have time for murder—she’s trying to focus on her studies, her job, and the crush she has on Fitz, aka The Brilliant Barista, her cute, coffee-brewing coworker.
But dating can be deadly, and after another coed turns up dead—she and the Page Turners, her book-club turned amateur sleuths, go on the hunt for the murderer. Except things never go as planned when the Page Turners get involved, and suddenly they find themselves with pink and blue colored hair, dressed as bikers, and making friends with a large tattooed man named Snake when they go undercover in a dive bar.
Murder is anything but mundane when everyone becomes a suspect, and Piper’s life is on the line. Can she and the Page Turners catch the culprit before it’s too late?
                        MY REVIEW
     You know Wednesday is tough but when your Wednesday turns into homicide . You just have to have family.  That's exactly what happened to Piper on her first day of college . She comes home to find her room mate on the floor dead .  She doesn't have time for murder between work and school . Piper tries to put it out of her mind . But when another person dies , she goes to her book club to help solve the case . Will she survive and will she finally get that date with the sexy Fitz . 
   This is the first time I have met these characters . I have to say at first I couldn't really like Piper . She seemed very naïve. She did grow on me and I really started to like her spunkiness towards the end of the book . The book club well lets just say I would love to be part of their pack , they are hilarious best scene making friends with a biker in the dive bar . Edna is hilarious .  The characters are well written  and you can fall in love with them 
 This is the first book I have read by this author . I was kind of confused when I started because I started in the middle of the series .The story was good and it flowed well . The characters are well written and you won't be able to figure out who did it until the end . The author takes us on a fun filled mystery that will have you reading the afternoon away .. I am so going to check out the rest of the series . This can be read as a stand alone but you will want to read them all to get to know the characters . Add this to your winter reading list and grab a latte and a blanket and settle down for a good read 

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