Thursday, November 1, 2018


  Good morning all and welcome to November , wow its November . Today we are going to review IMMORTAL ALCHEMY by Savannah Verte

                             BOOK BLURB

What do you get when you combine an arch mage and elemental witches? Immortal Alchemy.
Sophie has met the man of her dreams. The trouble is her mother saw him first. Pan’s choice blasts the fragile balance and collateral damage is imminent. Can anyone survive unscathed when one of them is playing dirty? One mage, two witches...three's a mess.

                         MY REVIEW 
    What does a girl do when her mother is interfering with the man she loves . When it involves a Mage and two elemental witches things could get really messy . Will any of them survive when one plays dirty . 
   This is a very fast read . The characters are very well and complex. Sophie is a sweet elemental witch who thinks she has found the man of her dreams . She to me sometimes comes off a little naïve at the beginning of the story but man she becomes a strong woman who goes and gets her man back . She fights hard . I truly liked her . Her mother is the epitomy of evil just cause she saw him first and wanted him . She does her best cover to get with Pan . They go to war over him and the sparks fly . 
    This is a fast paced little book that will have you fanning yourself. There are some very hot scenes in this little book . The writing is great and the author takes us on quite an adventure .  Throwing in a warped mother is always a treat . So check it out you wont be disappointed

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