Wednesday, November 21, 2018


 Today is Wednesday and hump day . Today we are going to review  GRIM : a fantasy romance of the crimson court . by Jessica Aspen

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When a fae with a grudge kidnaps a princess, he discovers true love is better than revenge...

Grim Ni Brennan lost his leg, and his sister, to the enemy. Now, all he wants is to resurrect the past and save his sister from the dead. To fulfill the spell he must get a princess to spin straw into gold and when the perfect enemy princess falls into his hands, he’ll sacrifice anything—even the princess herself—to see his sister again.
Ana isn’t sure she’s a princess any more, not since her step-sister Ella took over the throne. All she wants is a new purpose in life. Just as she gets up the courage to find out what that is, she’s kidnapped by a man intent on revenge. Now, all Ana wants to do is stay alive and get back to her old life as fast as she can, but to do that she can’t do the one thing Grim needs her to do—turn that straw into gold. For as soon as she does, she knows she’ll be dead.
But Grim wasn’t counting on how attractive the enemy would be, nor how much he'd like her. As the hours roll into days and Ana becomes more than just the enemy, Grim has a choice and a question to answer—at what point do you sacrifice the future to save the past?

Discover Jessica Aspen’s GRIM: A Fantasy Romance with a Rumplestiltskin Twist

                          MY REVIEW 
    This is the third book in the crimson court series I was so excited to hear Grim was getting his own story . Grim is gruff and hurting all he wants is his sister back and if it takes kidnapping a princess to make that happen , he will . When he spies Ana he does what he has intended and kidnaps her . All he wants her to is spin straw into gold and Ana wants to stay alive and head home . When an old enemy comes calling it will take both of them to save each other . 
  I must say the characters in this series are just getting better and better. Grim well he is gruff and so hurting, he has lived with his hurt for hundreds of years and really doesn't know how to come out of it . Honestly one min you want to hug him and the next min you just really want to hit him upside the head with a frying pan . He is that complicated but as we see him go along in the book you really see a change in him . He still has his gruff exterior but you do see him become a sweet man who wants the best for Ana. Even if means heart break for him  again . Ana well you feel sorry for her in so many ways . All she wants to do is find her place in the court and find someone who can love her for her and not for what she can do for them . She is still reeling from her mother and sister and what they did to her. You really want to just wrap her up and hug her tight . But just like Grim we see her grow and become a strong woman who can take care of herself . Together they are a great couple and I loved them together . 
    I totally love this series and when I found out Grim was getting his own story I squealed a little . The author takes us on quite a ride with this book. The author puts a great twist on the Rumpelstiltskin tale.. You will love all the characters and the romance is a slow burn with a great spark at the end . I am gld the author decided to carry on with the Crimson court and the fairytale twists . You will laugh out loud and honestly will swoon . I say if you like your fairy tales with a little twisted . This is the series for you so add it to your winter reading list .