Tuesday, November 13, 2018


 Well today is another great days for new books . Robyn Peterman has a new book in her Hot Damned series . Lets check out  FASHIONABLY FABULOUS .

                           BOOK BLURB 

Once upon a time there lived a Fairy.

And not just your run of the mill kind of Fairy. The reincarnated Fairy Queen of Zanthia. The Queen. She was a modern woman—a human no less. Armed with a potty mouth, a firm grasp of every note in Michael Jackson’s song catalogue, and some friends in very high places, she was set. Yet this Queen wasn’t exactly sure she wanted the job.

Fine…it’s me.

I’ve been happily human for thirty years. Now I’m discovering I’m the reincarnated Fairy Queen over a land chock-full of freaks who want me dead. Awesome. However, I’ll admit the perks are pretty cool. I definitely have more magic in my little pinky than should be allowed by law in any universe. Not to mention, the love of my life is a Fairy so smokin’ hot, he makes Hell look like a Winter Wonderland.

Problem is, my hotter than Hades Fairy is imprisoned in Zanthia for nefarious reasons I won’t go into, but now I must head back to that crap hole where I’m the Queen, and save the damn day.

I won’t go alone. Nope. I’m packing a narcissistic Mini Elf, two ancient singing Vampyres who couldn’t carry a tune if their undead lives depended on it, and the sister of my imprisoned love, The Kev. For him, I vow to discover my truth. Consequently, I’m unsure if this truth is meant to save or destroy. What I do know? The alternative is unacceptable.

Fairy tales are meant to have happy endings. I’m determined to make that a reality.

Ready or not… here comes the freakin’ Fairy Queen.

                       MY REVIEW 
     In the eleventh book we finally get to see how Gemma became the Fairy Queen and how she rescued The Kev and took back her home . For thirty years Gemma has been human but she realizes that she is more then human . She is the reincarnated fairy queen. She and her rag tag band of misfits are heading to rescue the Kev and get her land back . 

   I must admit Gemma and The Kev are my favourite character . Gemma is such a fun read . She is not ready to admit that she is the fairy queen . She is one sassy woman who has taken any obstacle with a head strong nature . She makes me giggle with her attitude and some of the things that come out of her mouth is hilarious.  Now The Kev well he is sweet and sexy and such a calming influence on Gemma . He has her heart and she has his  I really like them together, they are my favourite couple. Along with crazy Martha Jane and the rest of the gang are back to help out Gemma . Satan is up to his usual no good and Astrid is keeping her best friend safe . 

    I am going to admit I squealed when I found out Gemma and The Kev were getting their own story . I love this authors writing style and she takes us on such a fun filled adventure . The characters are wonderfully written and they are sassy and hilarious. I have never laughed so hard but with the book I couldn't stop laughing . I think I even snorted a few times .  If you like sassy ,sexy characters with a laugh out loud story this is the book for you . You will have a fun filled evening of laughter and love . So check it out . you won't be disappointed

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