Thursday, November 15, 2018


 Hey guys welcome to Thursday , today we have a sweet Christmas love story for you . Lets head out to CHRISTMAS COVE  with Theresa Oliver and her book COMING HOME TO CHRISTMAS COVE .

                             BOOK BLURB

In the depths of winter, Christmas calls to weary travelers and leads lonely hearts home.

Jocelyn Taylor is no stranger to a weary heart. Having fallen in love much too young with her sister’s old high school boyfriend has left her with mixed emotions about the possibility of true love. Now successful and the manager of a jewelry shop, Jocelyn spends her days dreaming of the perfect man and the perfect ring to match.

Caden Scott is less than thrilled at the thought of spending the holidays back home where memories of his youth still haunt him. Not interested in the kitschy hometown feel of a town known for Christmas, Caden still dwells on the thought of seeing his old high school love again. His time abroad serving his country has changed him in many ways, but could it have altered his heart as well?

As the winds of change bring more than just the magic of the holiday season, can two hearts let go of the past to find new romance? Or will true love pass them by? In the small town of Christmas Cove, the reason for the season may just be the spark they need to make this the best Christmas yet.

                         MY REVIEW 
   I love a great Christmas story and this one didn't disappoint me . It all starts with the story of a  Christmas ring that was consigned to the jewellery store that Joceyln Taylor is the manager of. She has been in love with that ring and dreaming of the perfect man to give it to her . It was a dream until the day her older sister came in and said that Caden was coming home from the navy . Will everyone survive the out fall of changing hearts and finding the love that they deserve .  Will the magic of Christmas Cove bring the two past friends together . 
   The characters in this story are so sweet . Jocelyn is a sweet woman who has put up with her older sister for so long . She loves where she lives and wants to find love one day . I really liked her she was the friend you really wanted have . Caden is well I don't really know to describe him . He is mischievous and sweet but also sexy and honestly you don't know what to do with him. He is all navy man and coming home to find out if he wants to relist or not . You will fall in love with his impish ways and his love for his family .  You will love these two together . I know I did . Mallory , the older sister , I really wanted to smack a few times 
She was self absorbed , spoiled and arrogant . You will want to slap her a few times . 
   This is a sweet story of friends and past and present love . The author takes us on a sweet adventure for Christmas .  There was a few spots that Caden kind of played each sister off each other which is such a cad thing to do . In the end he does pick the right woman . Over all I loved this sweet story . I think you should put it on your winter reading list and curl up with it this winter . 


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