Saturday, November 10, 2018


 Welcome to Saturday and the last day of book round up . Today we are going to review another new author to me Ashley Rich and her book LAVENDER FIELDS

                            BOOK BLURB

Esther has lost her grip on reality. She suffers from Alzheimer’s and often visits her delusional world of Lavender Fields. There, she is young again and full of life, free from aches and pains. In her fields she falls in love with her literal dream man, and a heated romance ensues.

Lexi, no longer able to care for her sister, Esther, hides from her guilt behind the inherited family trait, alcoholism. When Esther begins to claim the fields are real, Lexi dives deeper into the bottle, shying away from her husband who needs her, and missing out on the last few moments with the sister who raised her.

Gemma, Esther’s head nurse finds herself stuck between the drunken wrath of Lexi and her ornery patient. When Esther starts rambling about Lavender Fields, babies, kissing men, and claiming pregnancy, Gemma must interpret what parts of the delusion are fantasy, or if it is only a darker side of reality.

After a series of events, the three women, Esther, Gemma and Lexi must find a way to work together in a touching tale of second chances, family drama and miracles.

                     MY REVIEW 
   This is a story of alcoholism , Alzheimer's , redemption and love . Esther is suffering from Alzheimer's and is getting worse . She is reverting to a fantasy world of lavender fields and a mystery man who has her heart . Her sister Lexie is in denial in her life . Her husband is sick and then there is Esther . Lexie can't handle it so she slips deeper and deeper into alcoholism . After a series of events bring Lexie and Gemma the poor head nurse  and Esther together they must figure out how to work together. 
   This book has great characters that are well written and complex . Lexie is a woman who has been through so much . The only way she can survive is having a drink . You see her struggling with the load that she is carrying . You almost feel sorry for her , I said almost . She kind of brought it on herself . As you read the story you see her actually kind of growing up at the end of the book .  Esther is well she is somewhat of a enigma . She is funny but also surviving from Alzheimer's , she takes us on a fantasy ride in her mind with a man who loves her and she remembers everything . I wanted to just hug her and keep her safe.  She is a really strong character even though her mind is gone . She is a fighter and you will like her . I felt sorry for poor Gemma she is doing a job that most people will not want to do . She is stuck in between the two sisters . She wants to do the best for Esther but is tossed between two walls . She is a strong woman and is honestly a sweet lady . Who brings the two sisters together . 
    This is a complex book with lots going on. The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride . The characters are well written and you will love them and hate them at the same time . There were just a few things that kind of put me off, the sex scenes in the fantasy felt a little uneasy. The alcoholism and the Alzheimer's were written so very well . The author really had a good grasp on the subjects. This is more then just those two things it is a story of love and redemption and also second chances  . Over all I truly enjoyed this book I cried and I did laugh a few times . I would recommend this book to those how are willing to go down the dark path to redemption . 

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