Friday, November 9, 2018


Welcome to the weekend everyone . Today we have a new book for  you . HOME SWEET SONOMA  by Georgia James and Deborah Parrish

                            BOOK BLURB 

   Superstitious, type-A executive, Catherine "Kitty" Taylor, is about to celebrate the greatest achievement of her career with her brilliant lover-lawyer, Nick Dylan, at her side. But when bad news hits the office, Nick races to New York to salvage the deal of a lifetime, forcing their personal lives to take a back seat, yet again. With life in limbo, an omen compels Kitty to follow a chain of events, luring her to the wine country to celebrate her mother's 70th birthday. But as she steps foot in the door, she witnesses an event which proves that magic doesn’t really exist after all. Stuck in a crumbling old church that her mother calls home, Kitty is faced with a vineyard bursting with ripe fruit, and must learn to nurture her feminine side, one grape at a time. Luckily, her mother’s rock-solid handyman, Daine Shepherd, who lives on the property, is just the one to help her do it. As Kitty resists, he gently persists, and their attraction grows by the day. She is not only forced to reconsider her relationship with Nick, but her urban lifestyle with all its fringe benefits. Dwelling in the luscious and slow wine country, she finds herself looking in all kinds of surprising places for the love she didn’t even realize she needed. This wine country romance goes best with a glass of Chardonnay, so kick back, relax, and follow Kitty on a soulful journey where she learns to trust her instincts and discover what she most wants out of life.

                        MY REVIEW 
     What would you do if you are a the best ad ex out there and work hard to prove it . When your company is up for sale and the last min the plans change. That is what happens to Kitty and her love Nick . When Nick goes back to New York to salvage the deal . Kitty is a trying not to panic but when a plane delay sends her to her moms house for her 70th birthday . She witnesses the worst thing any child wants to see.  Her mother hitting the floor . When the worst happens Kitty is set on a path that will have her rethinking her life in the city and her relationship with Nick and the new relationship with Daine , the sweet handyman living in Grace's barn. Will Kitty's life burn up around her or will she rise from the flames like the phoenix she is . 
   I was loving the characters in this book from the first moment I started reading . Kitty is well lets just say she is a type A personality . She is on the go all the time and will bust your balls as soon as looking at you . But she is also very confused . she has fought hard to get where she is taking over her fathers company . When she gets to Sonoma you get to see a side of her that is more her then the cooperate woman. She finally finds the woman she hides deep inside her . The truly happy relaxed woman with good friends and a man who loves her for her .
 Nick is the love interest and he is well lets just say what can I say he is arrogant ladies man . To me I felt that he really wasn't that interested in Kitty , he was wanting her and other woman . He is a cad and I really didn't like him , to me he just let out a I am better then everyone else vibe . And he proved me right lol .Now Daine well Daine is tall dark and oh so sweet. He is deep and sexy and really does push Kitty to be what he and everyone knows she is . I fell for him he is the man that will do anything for the people he loves . You will love him too . 
 Now Grace and Wyatt are so cute , they are a pivotal force in Kitty's transformation and her finally settling down . Even though we only have Grace for a short time she does a lot for the story and is the glue that keeps everyone together.
   I sat down and read this book in an evening . I was sucked in by chapter 2 the characters are well written and you. will fall in love with them. The authors take us on a heart breaking ride . Trust me your heart will break but they do repair it . Also you will laugh so hard . There are a couple of scenes where chickens are involved . Egg throwing and a rooster in a sack trust me on this you will laugh until your cheeks hurt . The book is a fun read but also about slowing down and taking your time with your life cause you only have one and you should make it the best life you have . So grab a glass of wine and your favourite blanket and curl up for a fun read that will have you cheering for love

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