Saturday, May 18, 2019


 Well it is Saturday and it is cold and dreary out on the farm today so its a really good day to curl up and read . I have a good book for your weekend reading CHEVALIER ( The Paragon Trilogy book one ) by Bree M Lewandoski.

                          BOOK BLURB 

Linah Morane, a well-known woman of Meridionalis has been scorned and taunted her entire life due to her abnormalities. After the humiliation of being abandoned at the altar, she humbly accepts the unexpected marriage proposal to the King's Vizier, Kohl. Her heart still fluttered each time she fondly remembered their first and only dance together.
The depth in her eyes was emphasized by the rare hue of cerulean that peered into his soul. Those eyes had stopped the very beating of Kohl's heart. He had fallen in love with her that very moment. Over the years, her poise and grace to overcome the whisperings were admirable on a royal level. Then fate arrived and Kohl lept at the opportunity to have Linah as his bride.
Seeking safety for his wife after learning of impending war, they journey through the forests and mountain caves until Kohl is mortally wounded.  Linah turns to the Nightingale Queen and her gift of healing for help, but is unaware of the damaged past the Nightingale Queen and her husband share.
Secrets are exposed and loyalties shift in this thrilling tale of love and war!

                             MY REVIEW 
    When LInah Morane is left at the alter on her wedding day . She humbly accepts the marriage proposal from Kohl the kings Vizier. She rememebers the one time they danced together . Kohl had fallen in love with her with that one dance. Over the years he has watched and fallen for her over and over . Her poise and grace were something of beauty and that alone over came the whispers of the court Then fate arrived and Kohl had the woman of his dreams . But there is war coming to the kingdom and together they must over come a lot . When LInah turns to the Nighingale Queen . She doesn't know the  past the two share . 

  The characters in this book are so well written and complex. Linah has carried herself quite well even though she has a few deformities . But with Kohl she feels beautiful and wanted .  First off she comes off naive but as you see her through out the book she really grows strong and actually blossoms through out the book . Kohl well he is more then just the Vizier . He is sweet and oh so sexy but there is also a paranormal element to him that makes him stronger and faster then most people .  He is the kind of guy you want to have your back when push comes to shove . I mean he does have his flaws though like sending his bride to a spot where she coudl be attacked by incoming enemy troops but all is good . The characters are great on their own but together they are pretty awesome . There are a few characters that they meet and either help them or try and kill them a time or two

    I sat down and started reading this book in the evening, I couldn't put it down . Its a fun little read that will have you reading until you are done . There is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that go on while you read this book.  You will have to laugh and wipe a tear away . There is just one thing I wish it was just a little longer to really get into the characters and the story . Over all i really enjoyed this story and  I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series . So if you want a great fantasy book that  you can read in an afternoon poolside  I say put this one on your summer reading list . 

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