Monday, May 27, 2019


   Good Monday all, today I have a new book from one of my favourite authors . BLOOD FOR THE DANCER  by Dallas Mullican .

                           BOOK BLURB 


Join an adventure through Heaven and Hell in the first thrilling volume of Dallas Mullican’s fantasy epic- The Horde and the Host Trilogy.


Dying and trapped in pain, Dustan Wheaton cries out to Heaven… but it’s a demon who answers.

Salvation comes at a price. Dustan must become the demons’ most deadly assassin, slaying angels on earth before they can recruit mortal souls into a war that has raged for eons.

With the demons fanning his hatred, Dustan is eager to kill those he blames for ignoring his prayers and allowing his parents to die. He travels the world destroying his angelic enemies until sent to face a mysterious woman.

The Dancer is unlike any foe Dustan has encountered. He finds himself inexplicably drawn to her, and for the first time, he questions his orders. Her claim that his entire life has been a lie threatens to shatter lifelong beliefs and sows doubts about his demon family.

Trusting this woman will mean turning his back on those who saved him and gave his life purpose, not to mention place a target on his back for angels and demons alike. Doubting her could mean the end of all humankind.

                             MY REVIEW 
    Ok taking a deep breath is what you need to do when you dive into this book . What would you do if you prayed to the heavens for help for someone you love and the one that answers is a demon . But what he didn't know is that the salvation he needed comes with a heavy price . When they want him to become the demons most deadliest assasin . Which he does for eons until the one that he was sent to kill might be the one that will offer him the salvation that he needs to break free . When he puts his trust in her it  means turning his back on angels and demons but also doubting her could mean the end of all things . 

    Ok I loved the main characters in this book . Dustan a young man who is basically living in poverty with his mother , in London in 1862 . He is yout typical kid trying to survive . We see a spark in him that has him catch the eye a demon . He is a strong boy that grows into a very strong man . How can we explain him but as an assassin that follows what he has been taught . I like that the author had him rethinking his past life and the reasons why he is doing what he is doing . 

  Kyra is first an angel but she is also the one person that can turn Dustan . She is a warrior and when you first meet her she is fighting for her life . She is strong but also kind and she can fight like a man . I really like her she is such a fearless character.  There ar so many great characters in this book  too many great characters to mention which are all so well written and complex , you will all have your own that you will love . 

     This story had me by the end of chapter one . This is an action packed ride of emotion that will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through the book . The characters are so well written and complex , you really don't know if you should love them or hate them . This book starts in the 1860s up to modern day and it flows so well . The author has a way of writing that has you thinking as you read . I know i loved his detective novels but I seriously think that this could be my new go to series . Ah but you are going to say hey it is about Angels and Demons , how can you make that new and fresh. Well I think the author has done that very well . It is an intelligent well written story and the author does it with a flair that only he can do. So if you want an intelligent well written story of with the world of angels and demons and the ultimate redemption . This is the story for you add it to your summer reading list . I promise you , you will not be disapointed at all . 

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