Saturday, May 11, 2019


Welcome to Saturday all part of my birthday weekend . Today I have book two in the Destined to be lovers saga book 2 . SHATTERED DESTINIES by Suzanne Nemec

                            BOOK BLURB 

Jennifer raised the stakes when she illegally transported without her spirit protector’s permission. Not only did she place herself in grave danger and possibly alter her earthly life-path forever, but she also put the future of all the universes in jeopardy. 
With every soul in existence hanging in the balance, it’s up to the reigning High Priestess Gisabella and Merlin the wizard to patch up Josh and Jennifer’s marriage long enough to fulfill their plans for the couple—all while keeping Jennifer’s life-path destiny to marry someone else on earth a secret from her.
Can Josh bring Jennifer back from her brush with death? And will Gisabella and Merlin’s new plan be able to save every soul in the universe?

                          MY REVIEW 
    In book two we start off right where we left off in book one . Jennifer has transported herself and her cat Talos to a plain where she is puts herself in peril and may alter her earth life path and might destroy the universe in jeopardy .  With the help of Gisabella and Merlin they try and get Josh and Jennifer back together and fix their marriage to save everyone . All the while trying to keep Jennifer in the dark about the other man that will be coming into her life . Will they be able to save everyone including Jennifer and Josh and the universe . 
   I will say that the characters are growing with this story . Jennifer starts to question what is going on and becoming stronger and trying to keep her life in the order she likes . Even with the interference of others . She starts to take things into her own hands even though she is destined to be a high priestess .  Josh was the biggest surprise for me . we get to see him actually human , he shows some temper and we actually get to see him hurting . The drunken scene with Merlin is hilarious by the way . Gisabella I think is hiding more then we know. She is up to something I just know it . Merlin well he is trying to keep his granddaughter save from what is about to come . I truly love these characters and can't wait to see where the author takes them in the next book . You will come to love them too 

   I sat down and started reading this book last night and I couldn't put it down . The author takes us on an rollercoaster ride . The characters are just getting better and more complex . The story line is getting more and more detailed and complex also . I got lost in the story and was cheering for Jennifer and Josh the whole time .  The author has a good way of sucking you in and keeping you turning the pages . There are moments when you will shed a tear and laugh out loud .I will say that book 2 is actually stronger then book one ,There is more action and angst in this story .  I strongly suggest that you put this series on your summer reading list .

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